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Cane And Able

The next day, Miss Radfafa is still alive, thanks to a defibrillator. Foreman explains that her chest will be "sore" for a while. A sore chest is the least of this poor woman's worries right now, I'd say. Girl looks rough. Who did Robin Tunney piss off to get this role? When we aren't getting closely acquainted with her left nostril, she's having her throat sliced open and flopping around her hospital bed like a dying fish, and most of the time in that unflattering fish-eye lens. Foreman asks her to put four pictures into order to tell a story about what appears to be a mother buying a kite for her ugly daughter and then her daughter flying the kite. Looks like capitalist propaganda to me! It doesn't look like anything to Radfafa though, because she can't do it. How many times has she probably given her students a similar exercise to do? Oh, cruel irony!

House and his team have a meeting. Foreman says that Miss Radfafa was able to put the story together when he gave her the test again five minutes later, so her "altered mental status" is intermittent. Whatever is wrong with her, it's going deeper into the brain. They've got anywhere from a weeks to two months, depending on whether it's a vascular problem, an infection, or a tumor. House orders an end to all medications, as neither the radiation nor the steroids have cured her. His great new plan is to watch her die. They'll know more about what they're dealing with based on how fast Miss Radfafa declines. House's team finds this objectionable. House asks if they have any other ideas. They don't.

Exiting the office, Foreman asks Cameron for help. "What's up?" she asks. Foreman says it's always a good idea, when breaking into a home, to have a "white chick" with you. I don't know why that is, particularly, nor do I understand why they can't just ask Radfafa for permission to check out her house, meth lab or no.

Doing his clinic time, House deals with a patient who thinks he has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because he read too much about it on the internet and convinced himself that it fit his symptom of being tired a lot. CFS guy got off easy; every time I've tried to research a possible medical condition on the internet, I always end up with terminal cancer. House asks the guy if he has any other symptoms. The guy says he gets headaches and had a slight fever once. He wonders if he has fibromyalgia. The self-diagnosed fibromyalgia/CFS sufferer: for when you really want the audience to know that they're dealing with a whiny hypochondriac. CFS asks if there's anything he can take for his imaginary illness. House plays along with great gusto and says there just might be.

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