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Cane And Able

Orange Guy, now restored to the same normal orange hue as everyone else in this episode, talks to Cuddy. It is revealed that she is his personal physician, and that he has been "good" to her and to the hospital. He says he took House's advice -- all of it. He stopped eating carrots and he followed his wife. Cuddy says she doesn't want to know what No Longer Orange Guy found out, because either his marriage is over or he wants her to fire House, which she can't do. "The sonofabitch is the best doctor we have," she says. Yeah, when he isn't giving his patient steroids that make them almost die, he's great. No Longer Orange Guy sits there and tears up as he rubs his now wedding band-less finger.

Chase and Cameron enter Radfafa's room and ask how she's feeling. She says she's better. In that case, here is her entire kindergarten class to visit their wormy teacher! She's thrilled to see them, and even happier to get the huge Get Well Soon card they made for her. I wonder if House had anything to do with the less-than-polite inscription of "we're happy you're not dead." Although if House was involved, the "not" part probably woudn't be there. Miss Radfafa demands a hug and a kiss from all her students and they jump on the bed. I was never that close with my kindergarten teacher, but then again, I did go to public school. Meanwhile, Miss Melanie watches from the foot of Radfafa's bed. She tries to look happy that Miss Radfafa is well again, but you know she's wondering how soon is too soon to invite Miss Radfafa over for a nice, pork dinner again. "Brad will be mine," she thinks. "Oh yes. He. Will. Be. Mine."

House and Robert hang out and watch some dramatic hospital show on television. It could be General Hospital, but since Sonny is not present, I doubt it. House asks Robert why he lied about Miss Radfafa being his cousin. Robert says it got House to take the case. House: "You lied to a friend to save a stranger. Don't you think that's kinda screwed up?" Enh, not really. I mean, either you hurt someone's feelings or a nice lady dies. Seems like a fairly easy decision. Robert says he's sure House has lied to him. "I never lie," House says. There's a pause in the conversation, at which point someone on the dramatic hospital show says, "We're doctors. We make mistake, people die!" House makes a "when did Cuddy start writing for television?" face, and then a nurse comes in and tells House he has a patient. She pulls back the blinds and the camera zooms in on the CFS guy, bouncing around and waiting for his next fix. "Got change for a dollar?" House the Human Lying Liar asks Wilson.

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