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Oedipus Complex

House leaves the room and walks into Chase, who hands House a cell phone and does his best Southern gentleman CDC official impersonation, which sounds a lot like Matthew McConaughey. House isn't impressed with it, and can't believe it fooled Margo. Aw, give her a break! She's under a lot of pressure.

We wait to see if the drug works in another IV drips/ sick kids/ nervous parents/ hopeful doctors montage. Wilson -- who, I have to point out, is a cancer doctor with absolutely nothing to do with either of these cases -- is there too. Just as House is about to go watch his stories or make some delicious pasta with that new sauce, Wilson calls him back. Matt has opened his eyes, and his heart is working again. Chi does the same.

Cameron's now on wheelchair-pushing duty, a task performed by volunteers Matt's age at the hospital I worked in. They really need to stop spending money on the doctor's lounges and hallway décor start hiring staff at that place. On the other hand, I think it's best for all concerned if Cameron's contact with patients is limited to pushing them around. Cameron tells Matt that he should make a full recovery, provided that he doesn't wear any more poisoned pants. Matt says he had a feeling they were stolen when he bought them for five bucks out of the back of some guy's truck, but he got them anyway. Well, that's what you get. Next time, you'll shell out that extra ninety-five dollars, won't you? Was this episode written by the mall? Oh, I'm just mad because my theory about the fake laundry detergent ended up being wrong. Margo says that she's not mad at Matt, and has realized that she needs to be less controlling. So, she's going to "let" Matt spend the next week before he retakes the AP test in bed working on his college applications. Baby steps, Margo. Baby steps.

Foreman tells House that their poisoned-pants salesman also worked on a corn field, and used his truck for both jobs. The farm pesticide was spilled on the pants, and the guy didn't bother cleaning it up. Go to Abercrombie and Fitch for all your expensive cruddy jeans needs; mystery solved. They leave for the day, and walk right on into Margo, Matt, and Cameron. Margo says the CDC just called "again." Cameron makes a hilarious "I am outta here before this gets messy!" face and continues wheeling Matt away from what is sure to be a scene of alpha female carnage. But House just says "oops," and Margo walks away with a smile. I have to imagine her reaction would have been somewhat different had Matt died.

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