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Oedipus Complex

House has no choice but to talk to the mother. He's got the refuse-to-consent form for Mom to sign, and he reads it off to her, substituting words like "dies" with "kicks off" for the ease and maximum emotional impact of the listener. "Why are you doing this?" Mom, whose name is now revealed to be "Margo," whines. I've said it before and I'll say it again: no good can come from a character named "Margo." House adds that Margo feels it necessary to control "every single aspect" of her son's life, including the end of it, and would she please sign and initial the bottom of this form? "Who are you?" Margo asks. House says he's Matt's doctor. She needs no introduction, since he knows her as the woman who is letting her kid die. Sign here, please.

Smug and victorious, House tells Cameron that Margo changed her mind and that they can start the process of saving Matt's life. "No," says Cameron. It turns out that yet another student has been admitted to the ER with the same symptoms. Chase gets busy with the critical care and the Magic School Bus Cam gets busy with the CGI lung air sacs. House hopefully asks whether the new patient, named Chi, lives next door to Matt. Cameron says the two lives ten miles away, and are completely unrelated to each other except for the fact that they attend the same school.

Chi's parents, who are much nicer and more pleasant than Margo, sob that they live in an apartment with two bamboo trees and no pesticides or fertilizer. My new apartment doesn't have any plants in it, because I am unable to keep even cacti alive, but I just found the biggest and most horrible cockroach in it the other day that was only killed after I hit it with a hammer three times, which means I will be spending the weekend coating the place in as many poisons as I possibly can. Pesticides aren't just for plant lovers anymore!

Chase tells House that even though Matt has the electric pads, his heart still isn't getting enough oxygen to his brain. House says that despite the risk of retinal damage, they should increase Matt's oxygen intake, since House is pretty sure the kid would rather be blind than brain-damaged or dead. And yet, I believe that, later on this season, we find out that House himself would have rather been dead than crippled. And also, Chase has been taken off Matt's case; Margo complained to Cuddy that Chase said he did drugs when he was Matt's age and is a "slacker." Matt's new doctor will be the squeaky-clean Foreman. Chase is pissed. House invites Chase into his office to chill out by watching MTV and smoking up. I don't doubt he's got cable and weed in his office, either.

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