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Oedipus Complex

The Cottages surround House with the news that some mosquito-killing stuff was sprayed around recently to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. They're ready to give the kids the medicine for that, but Margo won't let them do it. House orders Foreman to go and win her over, but Foreman says Margo hates him now, too. Cameron is the only person out of the four who isn't hated by someone, which is more due to the fact that she hasn't actually met Margo yet than anything else, obviously.

Before Cameron can get her spiel about why they should give Matt the medicine rolling, Margo announces that she's transferring Matt to a different hospital, where the doctors aren't assholes. Good luck with that, Momma. She has also sought a second opinion from the CDC, and won't let anyone do anything to her son until she gets it. Cameron tries to go for the empathy route by starting a story about her sick grandmother, which probably would have been more effective on the family of our B-plot patient, as Margo cuts her off at the pass and says she doesn't want any "vulnerable honesty" from the single woman they thought would get along best with the single mother. Since this (along with just about everything else anyone ever says) is a touchy subject for the Widow Cameron, she angrily responds that she is a real live doctor, sent to tell Margo that if she doesn't let Matt have the treatment, he'll die, and that it will be Margo's fault. Margo needs to give them a yes or a no "right now." "I don't know," says Margo. "Figure it out," Cameron snaps. Well, so much for "right now." When Cameron moves to leave, Margo tells her to wait.

Cameron injects some Army drugs into Matt's IV. Foreman does the same with to Chi. After a short montage of IV drips, sick kids, and concerned parents, both Chi and Matt have seizures. I'd to think that Cameron's response to the news -- running in the opposite direction of the patient rooms -- was sheer panic brought on by complete lack of skill. You know, I told myself before this recap that I was really going to try and give Cameron a fair shot in this episode, where, for once, she didn't really do anything that objectionable. Problem is, when she's not being objectionable, she's not really doing anything at all. As Chase treats Matt, Margo yells at everyone for killing her son. Hey, wouldn't you?

Foreman and Cameron inform House that both patients are almost dead, so it looks like they were wrong about that particular poisoning theory, and the treatment they gave them, of course, made everything worse. House uses the fact that the kids' hearts are crapping out so much more quickly than their rest of their bodies to conclude that they ingested the poison through their skin sometime between when they woke up and before they boarded the bus. Cameron and Foreman will be going to both patients' houses to see if they have any skin products, such as acne cream or deodorant, in common. And if Cameron could bring back some more of Margo's tomato sauce, that'd be great.

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