Post Mortem

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Road Trip!

In the morgue, Park is impressed that Treiber has a giant white board covered in notes on how accurate each doctor's diagnosis was. Taub thinks it's creepy. Park points out that Treiber once spotted a link in child deaths, which was helpful. There are no toxic spores in the blood of the last corpse. Park wants to investigate the whole room for toxic exposure. Taub mocks this, but Park points out that not all the tools are hospital-issued. As proof, she holds up a hunting knife. Which, to be fair, was designed for disassembling animals, so there's no reason it couldn't come in handy when your job involves taking apart humans. Taub takes off his glove and at the same time, both Park and Taub find some energy drinks.

Wilson walks into House's office and offers to take him on the Cleveland road trip. House thinks Wilson will whine about his feelings the whole time. Wilson threatens to inject him with 20 ccs of Propofol. Weird. Wilson leaves and the team comes in. House looks at the can and says it's Stimulant Psychosis. Adams says they just have to hydrate Treiber and watch him.

Treiber has abdominal problems. It hurts! Park tells him it's withdrawal, but it isn't!

The team. Adams suggests that it could be an obstruction that's unrelated to the stimulant psychosis. That gets rejected as being too reliant on coincidence. Some other ideas go by. House isn't there, because neither he nor Wilson came in that day. They call House, but his phone just rings in his desk. He and Wilson are off the grid.

Wilson and House zoom down what is obviously a Southern California highway as Wilson shows that he's bad at shifting. House is bothered by Wilson not wanting to talk about his impending death. Wilson says he's not him. He's Kyle Calloway.

The conflict is established: Treiber won't let anyone but House work on him, and House is gone. Chase has an idea that makes Taub say the word "intussusception." It could be cancer, so they need a plain film of his abdomen. Chase wants to lie to Treiber to get an X-ray.

House and Wilson are at a roadside diner so House can whine about not having a phone. Wilson says he'd just be downloading porn and playing Angry Birds. House orders a burger and Wilson orders an 80-ounce steak that's free if he eats it in an hour. He confidently predicts that he'll be inducted into the Wall of Pain. House decides he's enjoying this.

The X-ray came back blank. Trieber wants them to run his bowel because House said it was an intussusception and it doesn't matter if the test came back blank. Treiber insists on Chase doing the surgery, because "Statistically, you're the best surgeon in the hospital."

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