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Road Trip!

House naps in the car outside the motel room. Wilson comes out, his bald cap kind of ripped up. House asks how it was. Wilson says it was confusing, perfunctory and sad. And one of them stole his wallet. But he sees pleased with the overall experience.

Foreman yells at House's team: "You're lucky he's not pressing charges!" Which is something the head of the hospital normally shouts at House himself. Chase defends porphyria as a legitimate call, but it happened to be wrong. He claims that they did everything House would have done, and Foreman objects that they lied to the patient. Because House would never do that? Anyway, Foreman is now in charge and Chase will have no further contact with Treiber. He's still on the case, though. Taub declares that it's sarcoidosis (treatment: corticosteroids) and Chase counters with a prion disease. Adams likes that theory since he could have come into contact with an infected brain. Foreman thinks Treiber's too smart not to take the right precautions, but Chase points out that Treiber's whole philosophy is based around doctors making mistakes. And that includes Treiber. He wants a brain biopsy. Taub says they have to choose to biopsy the heart or brain. Foreman picks the heart. Chase looks cranky.

House tells Wilson where to hide your wallet when with a hooker. He's down to twenty dollars, and he can't use his credit cards out of state while he's on probation. Wilson doesn't care. He's got enough gas to get to Julie Christie. House admits that he's kind of hoping Wilson doesn't stop being Kyle Callloway.

Chase is in the morgue. He looks at the shelves of brains in jars. None of them appear to be labeled "A.B. NORMAL" so he has to test them himself.

The road trip comes to a halt for a funeral procession. House watches Wilson carefully as the hearse crosses in front of them, followed by a bunch of other cars. Wilson just looks forward, revs his engine and blows past the cop who's stopping them. He gets into the left lane and passes the entire procession. It's quite symbolic. Then he has trouble shifting, cuts left through a fence and the car grinds to a halt in a field. House is down! Wilson runs around to the passenger side and asks if he's okay. "My leg still hurts." Wilson says they have 20 bucks to go eleven miles. It's time to walk!

Chase is cutting brains in half with a saw. He's Gunther Freakin' von Hagens in here. Park comes in and asks why he isn't answering his pages. He claims to be busy. The heart biopsy showed fibrosis in the cardiac muscle, so neither of the previous diagnoses were right. Chase says there's no point in going to the meeting when Foreman is just going to say it's an infection. Park calls Chase a baby, and accurately observes that Chase is trying to discredit Treiber, not heal him. He's not coming upstairs. "And when this case is over, I'm quitting. Drama!

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