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After the break, House and the team are back in the meeting, trying to figure something out. Foreman suggests that Frankie's fever was not caused by the vaccine after all, but could be a new symptom. That means Frankie must have some kind of infection, but Hadley says there's nothing in Frankie's medical history or even her blog to clue them into what. "There has to be something she's not telling us," House says. Chase doubts it, pointing out that hiding facts about herself from others isn't exactly typical of their current patient. House seemingly gives up and tells them to treat Frankie with a bunch of antibiotics and hope they do the job.

House scans Frankie's blog on his own looking for clues. What we see of Frankie's posts are pretty boring. She attended a gallery opening, she doesn't like Wuthering Heights, and she and Taylor argued over whether or not smoked salmon counted as meat. Why does she have so many passionate fans this stuff can't possibly be that interesting to so many people. House decides to engage in a Deep Thinking Music Montage for a while, ending back in front of his laptop with his hands clasped in front of him, as if in prayer. But we all know that can't possibly be what he's doing, and then Wilson walks in to explain to us why House was secretly reading religious literature. It turns out that once Wilson got a chance to look at the author photo on the book's real dust cover, he recognized him -- it's House's biological father, who Wilson saw for like one second at the funeral. And he's a minister. "Natural selection is not an infallible force," House sighs, so embarrassed. I must say, I didn't see this one coming. Never did I think this show would share any similarities to the show I used to recap before House came along and saved me from TV crapdom. This can't be a good sign. Wilson asks House why he resorted to reading his biological father's book instead of just talking to him in person. Oh, why do you think, Wilson? Talking to people in person about things like this is difficult for most people. House says he was only "mildly curious" about his dad -- "enough to read a book. Not enough to make a phone call." But that's not enough for Wilson, who keeps talking so as to give House his Epiphany Moment. He says House was studying his father's book, even though his whole life, he's thought this religious stuff is "crap." "Crap... " House mutters, and gets up to leave the room. Wilson recognizes House's Epiphany Face, but warns him that he'd better not be faking it to get out of a "tough conversation." I have a feeling that Wilson is used to people making excuses not to talk to him.

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