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In the unisex locker room, Chase has another talk with Hadley regarding their incredibly good looks and how tough life is for them. Chase wonders if you can really get to know someone over the internet, and Hadley says it lets you know the person beyond his or her appearance, and then gets sick of Chase and asks him what his deal is today. Before he can answer, she guesses that it has something to do with his recent divorce. He says he was the one who pursued Cameron. Maybe he cared so much about her looks that he told himself she had a personality that was attractive, too. "You felt something real. So did she. Don't try to take it back now," Hadley says. Plus, it's not like Chase and Cameron's relationship ended because they suddenly realized they didn't like each other -- it was because Cameron couldn't live with Chase knowing that he was an unrepentant murderer. With that, Chase asks Hadley if he can borrow her car. Is he coming onto her? Either way, she rejects him, because Chase might be pretty, but Hadley knows that she's the prettiest.

Wilson catches up with House at the elevator and continues his psychoanalysis session, asking why House would rather read his father's book than talk to him. "Can you write a book so I can stop talking to you?" House asks. Seriously. Wilson answers his own question, saying he thinks House didn't want to actually meet his dad -- just find out how his mind works in the hopes that he can find someone else out there who thinks like he does. And he thought a bunch of sermons would come from a mind like his own? Doubtful. "You wanted what we all want," Wilson says, and he and House walk into the lobby. "The power to transform into any water-based object?" House asks. Wow, that superpower was the first one to pop into his mind? The power possessed by Zan, one half of the crappy Wonder Twins who only got to be in the Justice League because they were marginally cooler than Wendy and Marvin? Even the other Wonder Twin, Jayna, had a better power than him. Wilson says House just wants to "look across the gulf and know there's someone else like [him]." Do people really talk like this? House says his search was unsuccessful, and underneath all of his father's "god stuff" was just more God stuff. But was it soft and greasy or hard and pellet-like? They leave PPTH with Wilson none-the-wiser to the fact that the giant lobby mural has been covered up by yet another still from Wilson's movie. Cuddy orders someone to call maintenance to take it down, but you know she's secretly enjoying it. I just want to know how House got it up there in the first place.

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