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At PPTH, the Cottages interrupt House from some reading in his office to inform him that he has a new patient. Hadley informs us that Frankie is a freelance photographer, suggesting that film processing chemicals could have something to do with her condition, to which Foreman says that since Frankie is also an avid blogger, he doubts she takes pictures on a film camera. Because everyone who uses a computer must therefore only take digital pictures. Even though film photography always looks better. And it's kind of impossible these days to be a freelance photographer who doesn't use a digital camera. But this was a good way to exposit that Frankie loves to blog so that the Cottages can have a discussion over whether or not it's right to put your entire private life online for all the world to see. Chase thinks it isn't. Taub thinks privacy is overrated, and a lack of it creates communities and connections or whatever. Hadley doesn't have an opinion on internet privacy, but does think they should invade Frankie's to search her home for toxins.

Hadley and Taub wander around Frankie and Taylor's apartment. Hadley says she's surprised that Taub is more pro-community than pro-privacy. Taub says he likes people and having friends. "You also like secrets," Hadley smirks. Not really, since Taub didn't really keep that whole affair thing a secret from his wife for very long. Taub shrugs that he thinks it's better when other people know what's going on with you, because then they can give you unsolicited advice about the best way to handle things. "When we're left to our own devices, we make lousy choices," Taub says. Yeah, that's why we have moms to tell us what to do (unless it involves credit card debt, in which case we talk to our fathers because it makes Mom upset to know that her baby has money management problems). It doesn't mean that everyone else needs to know about it. Unless, of course, you choose to write about it in a humorous television episode summary that anyone with an internet connection can then read. Suck it, Frankie! I can totally reveal more about myself on the internet than you can!

Anyway, the conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door. Guess what? The nosy neighbor with almost superhero-like hearing powers heard people talking in Frankie and Taylor's apartment and not only did they wake him up, but he also knows they're trespassing. Taub suggests they jump out the window and try to climb down the fire escape, but Hadley just opens the door and tells the neighbor what's going on. "We're doctors. We aren't stealing anything. We're just collecting samples." She holds up her glove-covered hands to prove this, even though that kind of just proves even more that she's a burglar, since she'd be wearing gloves so as not to leave fingerprints as evidence. But the neighbor seems to buy her story, and Taub asks him if he knows Frankie well. The neighbor is too busy wiring houses to read popular blogs, so he says he only knows her from their few conversations, most of which revolve around the building's compost pile. Frankie thinks it's good for the Earth, while the neighbor wants it gone because it's attracting vermin, which he then takes it upon himself to kill off by throwing rat poison all over the place. Frankie then came in contact with the rat poison when she picked it up to get rid of it before another neighbor's dog ate it and died. Um, why aren't more people angry with this neighbor guy? He yells at everyone for making the slightest sound and he almost killed a beloved pet.

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