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Wilson stumbles out into the hall, nearly knocking over Hadley. He apologizes to her, and she says it's okay. "Be not afraid," she adds. Ahahaha! That was good. Hadley is useful for something after all. She walks into the meeting room, where Chase is poring over Frankie's blog for clues as to what her condition could be. Chase says he hasn't found anything relevant yet, although he is surprised to see that Frankie leaves no detail of her life unblogged. Like sex, which she doesn't enjoy having when angry. Hadley says there might be something to this blogging stuff, as just one hour after Frankie wrote about how her kidneys failed, a concerned fan from Singapore called PPTH offering one of hers. Surely people in Singapore have better things to do than donate kidneys to bloggers. Like beat criminal offenders.

Chase changes the subject to something more important to him -- himself. He asks Hadley for an objective woman's opinion on his looks. His bet with House has suddenly shown him that his handsome face might be all women want him for. Um, and that hasn't occurred to him before? Seriously? Because most really attractive guys I know are very aware of their looks and how they can use them to hook up with lots of people. Apparently, Chase thought that men were shallow creatures who only cared about looks, while women only cared about men's personalities. Except, wasn't he just as surprised as everyone else when they had a hot female patient with an ugly and not apparently wealthy husband? So clearly, he knew then that women can be shallow. Chase tries to relate this all back to the case, saying that the fact that Frankie can't get hot for angry sex with her husband might be a symptom of Sjogrens, which can cause certain areas to dry up.

Chase takes Frankie to some room for testing, apologizing for waking her up in the middle of the night. He lets her know how and why he came up with the Sjogrens theory, and she asks if he thinks she's crazy to make her life so public. He says he does find it a bit strange that she is so open with strangers, but Frankie says they aren't strangers to her -- they comment on her blog, e-mail her, offer up their kidneys, etc. Except that if Frankie has readers as far away as Singapore, then she's probably really popular and thus gets thousands of unique hits a day, so she cannot possibly know who every one of those hits comes from. So yes, strangers are in fact reading about her sex life. Also reading about her sex life? Could be her mother. Or father. Or fifth grade teacher. This is why we don't make certain facts about ourselves available for just anyone to learn. Frankie asks Chase if he's in a relationship, because that's definitely a question I find appropriate to ask my doctor. Chase says his last relationship ended "recently" but declines to provide any more details. I'm sure that in about five minutes, PPTH is going to get some calls from fans who would love to meet an attractive single doctor. Chase tells Frankie to lie on her back for the test. She lies on her side instead, saying she doesn't like to lie flat on her back.

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