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The next morning, Chase enters the meeting room and informs the Cottages and House that he booked Frankie for heart surgery, as her complaint about not wanting to lie on her back is common amongst people with heart valve problems. Heart valve problems can also be an effect of Sjogrens, making it the most likely diagnosis right now. He backed this up with an echocardiogram just to make sure that his theory was correct, and found that Frankie's mitral valve is "nearly gone." That can't be good. Nor is the fact that your mitral valve can apparently disintegrate and the only indication is not wanting to lie on your back.

Before Frankie can have her surgery, however, she has to decide which kind of replacement valve she wants: a plastic one, a pig valve, or a human mitral valve courtesy of some chick in Singapore. The pros and cons of each choice are as follows: a plastic valve will require Frankie to be on anti-coagulant drugs for the rest of her life, which have been shown to cause birth defects, thus meaning she won't be able to have kids. Well, she'll still be able to, but really probably shouldn't unless she likes sewing extra armholes into their shirts. The pros for the plastic valve are that it doesn't come from a pig, and is therefore less gross. With the pig valve, Frankie will not have to take birth defect drugs, but it will "wear out" sooner and need replacing in ten years, which means another heart surgery. Chase adds that Frankie should go for the pig valve, since while she's undecided about whether or not she wants children, he and the rest of Frankie's readers know that Taylor really wants them. The look Taub shoots Chase following this is awesome. The doctors leave the room, and Taylor tells Frankie that it's her decision. Frankie begs to differ, and decides to blog about this for feedback. Taylor is understandably miffed, saying that a bunch of strangers' immediate responses shouldn't be able to influence Frankie's decision, especially since he's pretty sure they'll feel sorry for the pig who will be killed to give her a heart valve and urge her to go for the plastic one instead, thus depriving Taylor of children. He begs her not to blog about it, but she thinks that in order to be an honest blogger, she has to either admit everything or nothing. Yeah, but on the other hand, I'm pretty sure that when you're in a hospital and need heart surgery, you're probably not feeling well enough to make another blog entry and your readers will understand the lack of updates. Hell, I don't need heart surgery and I still don't update my blog.

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