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Wilson enters his office with his faithful nurse/assistant Sandy (last seen in that Wilson-specific episode earlier this season), only to find that his movie posters have been replaced. With posters for another movie. That movie being Feral Pleasures. And House went all-out, too, taking stills from the movie and adding taglines, then having them printed on what had to be a rush order. Wilson just stares at them, until Sandy speaks up: "I guess I should thank whoever taught you how to please a woman. Maybe it was the forest nymphs." Is she saying that she slept with Wilson? That can't be appropriate. "Get my Vertigo poster back," Wilson growls.

He heads down to the cafeteria to get some food, no doubt hoping it will make him feel better. Oops! No dice -- the sassy cafeteria register lady is on House's side for the first time ever, handing Wilson his change with "be not afraid. It's exact change." Sassy Cafeteria Register Lady is now my favorite background character, since Evil Nurse Brenda appears to be gone forever. Wilson sits down at Chase's table. Chase suspects something is up, and he's right -- Wilson wants Chase to help him get revenge on House. "Couldn't you just ask the love nymphs for the secret?" Chase asks. Chase, it's forest nymphs. Not love nymphs. Everyone else managed to get it right. Even Hadley. Wilson says he needs something on House that would humiliate him if it were to be made public. Chase asks why Wilson is coming to him for this, since Wilson knows House better than anyone. Wilson's figuring that House is too smart to leave something potentially embarrassing in the condo where Wilson could find it, so their best chance for public House humiliation is in House's office. And Chase has been working alongside House's office for years now, and is thus the best person to ask. Foreman's been working for House for even longer than Chase, but apparently he didn't get any lines this week. Chase thinks it's highly unlikely they'll find anything, since House usually does embarrassing things like solicit prostitutes and call his bookie openly, but then he remembers something: House has been reading a Henry James book in his office, but Chase knows he must be reading something else and just put the Henry James book jacket over it because he didn't want anyone to know what he was really reading, since the Henry James book is 400+ pages and whatever House is reading is decidedly shorter.

The comments are in, and Frankie has decided to get a plastic valve because "it just makes more sense." Taylor doesn't think that's really why, then launches into a discussion about the internet and how Frankie used to think it was a place where no one ever had to be alone, because there was always someone out there who shared your interests, however obscure. Is that a good thing, really? Because most of those obscure interests are things that people should probably keep to themselves as opposed to sharing them with others. Like furries. Or child porn collectors. Taylor says that Frankie is no longer using the internet to connect with people, but instead to make those people serve as an audience for the performance that has become her life. "You've turned our lives into their entertainment... don't give them this," he begs, threatening to leave her if she does. Seriously, NOW he puts his foot down? Really? The angry sex entries were okay, but mitral valve replacement is over the line? He should have stopped her from doing this a long time ago, but I read Frankie's blog, and it said that he's kind of passive and hates confrontation, so he'd rather let someone continue to do something he disagrees with than directly ask her to stop.

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