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Wilson and Chase search House's office. Wilson says that House chose well for his decoy book jacket, since no one would bother to pick up The Golden Bowl by Henry James. Chase says one person would -- it's Cameron's favorite book. And yes, he did refer to her as "Cameron." I guess once you get divorced, you refer to the ex by her maiden name. Chase finds the book and removes the jacket to reveal Step By Step. But no, it's not a novelization of the popular sitcom starring Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers -- it's a book of sermons written by a real minister about such topics as how to love one's neighbor even if that neighbor's stereo is keeping you awake at night. Um, no, I'm sorry, but you do not have to love your neighbor in that case, because your neighbor obviously doesn't love you enough to be respectful and keep his freaking stereo down or, when it gets late enough, turn it off. Thus, if you neighbor's stereo keeps you awake at night, you are allowed to slash that neighbor's tires. Tragically for me, my neighbor who listens to loud Russian TV all the time doesn't have a car, so I remain helpless. Chase and Wilson realize that House must be hiding this book from them because he's reading it in the hopes of getting something out of it, even though he's made his feelings concerning religion well-known in the past. "What a hypocrite," Chase says. "How can we use this in a cruel yet funny way?" Oh, clearly Chase didn't read Sermon 14 from the book, all about how to honor one's boss by not assisting that boss's best friend in his little revenge plan. Or if Chase did read it, he conveniently ignored it, much like he did that commandment about not killing people. Wilson grabs the book and tells Chase not to tell anyone else about it. Chase is disappointed.

Frankie is being prepared for her surgery. Taylor is with her, although whether or not he'll be around when she wakes up is not known. Frankie says she hates that Taylor doesn't have a blog, because she has no way of knowing what he's thinking. Um, what? Really? I'm pretty sure humans were able to convey their thoughts to each other in the thousands of years our race had before the advent of blogs. Suddenly, Frankie has a sharp pain in her right side. She screams and barfs yellow fluid.

Frankie had her surgery, but instead of replacing her mitral valve, they removed her burst appendix. Wow, it burst just like that? With no pain beforehand? They took a biopsy of the appendix and found that it was full of "abnormal cells," most likely lymphoma. So now Frankie has cancer! And it's so far advanced, especially now that the appendix burst flooded her entire body with cancer cells, that they don't think there's any point giving her chemo. Foreman says they still have one chance to save her, though -- Cuddy approved an experimental treatment in which they use Frankie's unique cells to create a lymphoma vaccine. Way to make it happen off-camera, Cuddy, thus giving Lisa Edelstein the week off! Frankie asks if that will save her life. Chase says they're not exactly sure what it will do. Hopefully, it'll train Frankie's immune system to fight malignant cancer cells. If she doesn't do anything at all, they give her "maybe a year" to live. That's kind of a long time, actually, as far as cancer so advanced it can't be treated with chemotherapy is concerned. Are they sure they can't do chemo? Taylor urges Frankie to do it, saying he'll be there for her every step of the way. Frankie says the vaccine sounds fine and to start as soon as possible.

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