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Vogler II: Electric Vog-a-loo

House returns to the hospital and orders Cameron to discharge George. Cameron thinks House is giving up because he's distracted by his legal problems. House is too distracted by his legal problems to listen to her and starts chewing Wilson out for talking to Shitter. Wilson says Shitter asked him if he prescribed House's pills and Wilson said he did, that's all. House says that Shitter searched his house and found a "buttload" of pills. Wilson loves it when House talks dirty. He doesn't love that House had a stash of pills, but House says that he had to save for a rainy day, like Wilson deciding to cut him off. Wilson says this isn't his fault, and House should really start talking to his lawyer.

Cameron helps George out of the hospital, telling him that there are Overeaters Anonymous groups he can join. Yeah, because George seems really into changing his ways. George insists that he loves food and it's not a problem. Of course, he keeps sliding off-camera as he says this because that director I hate is directing this episode so no one gets to stay in the frame for long, especially if they're saying something really important. I think Deran Sarafian should join an Overdirectors Anonymous group. George says that whatever happens, happens; "ultimately, it's all out of our control anyway." Yes, except for the part where we choose whether or not to eat appropriate portions of healthy food. George says he's a "complicated man," although I'd say he's about three complicated men. Oh, like everyone else gets to make a fat joke and I don't? Please. George insists on standing and walking out of the hospital under his own power despite Cameron's protests and hospital policy. He takes about ten steps before collapsing through a plate glass window. For some reason, Cameron is holding onto George, so she gets to take a ride through the window with him. Maybe she thought the plate glass window would stay together on principle.

When we come back, Cameron is nursing some glass wounds and Chase is nowhere to be found, nor has he been around since House told him he didn't have to do anything. Hey, he's just following orders. We won't see him for the rest of this episode, either, which is pretty funny, although probably not so much to people who like Chase and are now deprived of the chance to see him sit in the background and make facial expressions. Foreman and House start thinking of diagnoses that incorporate George's newest symptom, so Cameron has to admit that George's collapse had nothing to do with his illness and everything to do with the three grams of phenytoin she slipped him. Foreman and House stare at her, their jaws slack. Shitter should be searching her apartment any second now, since doctors who prescribe things for the wrong reason are his pet peeve. Cameron justifies her behavior by saying that she couldn't just let him leave. She didn't think he was going to stand next to a glass wall when he got dizzy, even though PPTH is 90% glass walls so the chances were pretty good. I just can't believe someone who's so into doing the right thing that she'd break an MRI machine to give a patient proper treatment would then turn around and slip him a mickey. Damn.

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