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Everybody Apologize

Hadley stops by the meeting room, where Foreman is going over Valerie's charts for the discharge summary. Apparently, Valerie is going to be discharged even though her liver is failing. He gives her a "nice job" for getting the correct diagnosis (even though House got it, but I guess she helped) and complains about Taub's penmanship. Hadley gives him a hand since she's apparently gotten good at deciphering Taub's handwriting after all that time they spent secretly sleeping together.

Meanwhile, House stops by Cuddy's office to continue his quest not to be a psychopath. He's about to open the door when who should appear but Lucas, who snuggles up to her. Lucas needs a life outside of Cuddy. House looks disappointed and decides not to apologize to her after all. Instead, he returns to Wibberly's house and slips the check in his mail slot. Because it's easier and it's better than nothing. But between that and Valerie losing out on her husband's trust fund, it looks to me like REMORSE gets you nothing but debt.

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