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Everybody Apologize

The Cottages head for the meeting room to update House on the latest developments. He isn't there, as he's holed up in Cuddy's office still trying to avoid Wibberly, and so must communicate with them via speaker phone. He says Wilson's office is no longer a viable escape option, since Wilson will surely work against him to make sure Wibberly gets his lunch date. But he's sure Wilson has no idea where House is now, even though PPTH only has like eight sets so there really aren't many places House could be hiding. If it isn't Cuddy's office, then it's the bathroom, the morgue, or the Clinic. Pretty easy game of hide-and-seek. While Foreman updates House on Valerie's condition and their latest theory -- that Russ is crazy and by accusing Valerie of poisoning him, he might have been projecting and he actually poisoned her -- House checks out the framed pictures on Cuddy's table: one of her and Lucas, and another of her looking slightly younger in baggy overalls holding a monkey. With a chimpanzee totally photoshopped into the corner of the frame smiling at the camera. Even though the monkey Cuddy is holding appears to be a New World monkey and the chimp is definitely an Old World ape. I'm sorry, there was once a time when I considered going into the field of primatology so I know these things. House looks for craft supplies as he instadiagnoses Russ with hyperthyroidism, saying he slipped her some of his meds to cause her heart problem. Case closed! OR IS IT?!?! Because Hadley finally speaks up to state her opinion on the case and their patient: she thinks Russ has credibility. Foreman points out that he's drunk, unemployed, and has a history of mental illness. Valerie, on the other hand, is good at life and stuff. "And she's hot!" House makes sure to add to Valerie's list of accomplishments. Hadley insists there's something "off" about Valerie. House chalks this all up to Hadley and Foreman disagreeing with each other due to their own personal issues and tells them to give Valerie beta blockers for the heart-poisoning. He hangs up and starts cutting into Cuddy's photos. Back in the meeting room, Foreman orders Hadley to give Valerie the beta blockers just because he can. Meanwhile, House admires his handiwork: Overalls Cuddy is now holding Lucas's face on the monkey's body and modern Cuddy has her arm around a photoshopped chimp face on Lucas's body. His moment of triumph is short-lived, however, when a man enters the room and introduces himself as one Lorenzo Wibberly, here thanks to Wilson's impeccable directions. What's weird is that Wibberly feels the need to introduce himself to House and make sure the guy he's talking to is actually House, as if med school was that long ago and their appearances have changed that much.

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