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Folger's Crystals

House is sleeping like a baby when his phone rings. He slowly wakes up as he hears a knocking on his door. He ignores it and goes back to sleep. And then, as creepy music plays, a figure enters his bedroom and glides over to his bedside. It puts a hand on his shoulder and bends over, getting really close to his face, and breathes, "House." He wakes up with a start to find Creepy Cameron hovering over him. She says they've been trying to call him and he wasn't answering the phone, so she broke into his apartment to make sure he was okay. House is all annoyed and says he was sleeping like a normal person. He wakes up real quick, though, when Cameron tells him that Chase was wrong about the autoimmune disorder after all. Addie's kidneys have shut down. That sucks for Addie, but...surely there are other ways of telling House about this? That was just weird.

Hemolytic uremic syndrome is shutting down Addie's kidneys, and it's often related to that CFH deficiency we've heard so much about. House is thrilled that he was right and Chase was wrong, and he demands that Chase admit it. Chase says House isn't necessarily correct, since Addie didn't have that heart attack House was so looking forward to. Cameron says that if House is right, Addie will surely die whenever she gets her next infection, thanks to those steroids they gave her. I guess they're ending the third season with blood on everyone's hands. Well, except for Wilson's, which have boobs on them. House is so happy that he called the factor H thing that he doesn't care that a nineteen-year-old girl is going to die. "She was gonna die anyway," he says, when the Cottages call him out for being so happy about it. He says that this way, at least Addie will know what's killing her before it does. Chase doesn't think this will provide much consolation for Addie when they tell her. House says they won't tell her until the diagnosis is confirmed. And the only way to do that is to wait for her to have a stroke or a heart attack. If he gets bored waiting, maybe he can give her some speed coffee to help it along.

Montage of waiting for disaster. Finally, Addie has her heart attack. Goody!

Foreman goes to House's office and tells him that Addie had a heart attack and they "barely" brought her back. House has the confirmation he wanted. House gets up to go tell Addie the great news. On his way out, Foreman asks him if he even knows Addie's first name. "Dead sophomore girl?" House guesses. Close, but not quite. Foreman asks if House knows her parents' names. House says "Dad" and "Mommy." That's usually what I call patient parents in the recaps, so I think it's a very good guess. Foreman is morally superior, so he does know everyone's names. House doesn't think it really matters, saying he doubts that five years from now when the parents are looking at photos of their dead daughter's graduation from high school they'll remember the "nice black doctor" who knew all their names. I think House is wrong about that. Foreman heads out, and House says he doesn't think Foreman wants to quit. He's trying to make House into a "kinder, gentler ass" instead. Maybe if he makes House a good enough guy, Foreman will feel like a good enough guy himself. Foreman points out that they're about to tell a young woman she's dying and all House can think about is himself and how this is all about him. Ooof. Good point.

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