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Folger's Crystals

And so House heads into Addie's room to tell her what's up. "I'm sorry. Addie, you're dying," he says. Well, at least he didn't call her "Assie." That seems like something he'd do. "Are you sure?" Mom asks, apparently forgetting about the whole heart attacks, kidney failure, and unknown head wound her daughter's already endured. While her parents cry, a strangely stoic Addie asks House how long she has. He tells her two days and starts to tell her that she has CFH deficiency. But she cuts him off, saying it doesn't really matter. House keeps trying to tell her about it, and she keeps telling him she doesn't want to hear about it. Meanwhile, her parents sob in the corner. House can't believe this; his entire being is focused on figuring out what's wrong with people, and here the girl is flying in the face of all that. He won't accept that. While Addie's parents hug their daughter, House asks Addie how she can be uninterested in something that's killing her. Mommy asks House to leave. "What's the point of living without curiosity?" House asks. I don't know. Ask the cat. Dad finally speaks up and orders House to leave, and Addie points out that House is smiling. "No, I'm not," House says. But the corners of his mouth are definitely turned upwards, and when House checks out his reflection, even he has to admit it. "Oh, God. I have to go," he says, cryptically.

He heads into Wilson's office, where Wilson is lying on the couch in the dark trying to sleep off his amphetamine withdrawals. House ignores Wilson's pain and says that his patient just accused him of being happy. House says he wasn't happy, he was "hazy." And not because of Vicodin. He suspects that he was taking another drug unknowingly, and asks Wilson why he wouldn't give him any anti-depressants last night. He suspects Wilson didn't want House to double-dose, as Wilson had secretly been putting anti-depressants in House's coffee and has been for a few weeks now. Wilson points out that his awesome plan made House happier. House says he only seemed happy to some "moron" who didn't even care why she was dying. Meanwhile, I'm feeling a lot less sorry for Wilson for being dosed with speed now that I know he's been dosing House all this time. They both suck. Wilson thinks it's pretty impressive that even a dying girl noticed the change in House. House says this dying girl wasn't especially bummed out or anything, so it's not that special. And then he stops and has an epiphany. "Oh, God. I gotta go," he says, cheerfully.

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