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Folger's Crystals

Foreman meets Cuddy in the OR balcony. He asks what she wanted to see him about. She points out that they're looking at House's patient, who would have died if not for his stunning brilliance. Um, this was the same patient whose heart attack House was eagerly awaiting, like, yesterday, right, Cuddy? She asks Foreman if he's really scared he'll turn into House. He tells her not to bother trying to make him feel better. Don't worry, Foreman, she won't: "there are worse things to turn into." "It's not worth it," Foreman says. It was to Addie's parents.

And House visits his local dive bar, where he finds Honey waiting for him. She stupidly thinks he asked her out there for a job interview and asks him if he thinks she has "all the necessary qualifications." He steals a look at her cleavage and says he needs a drink. He'll have what she's having. Unfortunately, she's having peppermint tea. How the hell did she order that at that bar and not get thrown out on her vegan ass? Honey asks House if this is a really a job interview. "It's...some kind of interview," he answers. They're both judging each other. Honey says he has the advantage, since she doesn't know anything about him. What does he really know about her besides the fact that she's way too interested in shit? He gives her the run-down: "I'm on anti-depressants because a doctor friend of mine thinks I'm miserable. I don't like them; they make me hazy. I eat meat. I like drugs. And I'm not always faithful to the women I date." "You don't seem depressed," Honey says. Yes, well, that's why they're called ANTI-depressants, Honey. She says he's honest, at least. He says he isn't always. Like when he's not being faithful, probably. She asks him how miserable he can be, saving lives and doing drugs. He asks her if she was on the debate team in high school, all two years ago, and says that he hates tea. But apparently, he likes hot young blondes more, because he smiles and drinks the tea anyway.

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