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Folger's Crystals

Chase decides to ignore all the weird feelings and stuff and changes the subject back to Addie. No wonder Chase and Cameron aren't together anymore -- they are total opposites in their determination to change the subject either away from or back to personal stuff. Chase suggests a heart problem as a possible source of the bloody mouth, and House sends Foreman and Chase off to test this theory and sends Cameron off on the fun task of checking Addie's dorm room and redoing the ER labs. House says he'll be planning Foreman's farewell party. Given his previous treatment of Foreman, I'm expecting the theme to be "You're Black." Expect watermelon to feature prominently in the buffet.

Chase and Foreman supervise Addie doing what might be my favorite ridiculous PPTH medical test -- the stress test, where old men are forced to exercise until they're on the brink of death. While Addie works out to get her heart rate up, Chase shoots a few looks at Foreman and tries to work up the nerve/desire/words to ask him why he's resigning. "Is it about House?" he asks. Out of nowhere, Foreman remarks that Chase isn't his first choice of people to confide in. Chase looks stung and asks why Foreman wouldn't want to tell him. Foreman: "I don't like you. Never have, never will. You want me to share some more?" What is it with Foreman and his need to tell his co-workers how much he hates them? Even if it's true, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to fake friendliness in a professional environment. And how does Foreman know he'll never like Chase? I used to hate French fries and thought I would never like them, and now I can't stop eating them and they make me fat. People change. Chase thinks for a second, then says that "even if" Foreman hates him (I like that Chase refuses to believe Foreman doesn't like him, much like he refuses to believe Cameron doesn't like him despite all evidence to the contrary. I wish I had that kind of self-esteem), he'd still tell Chase the reason why he quit...unless he was ashamed of it. Addie interrupts their talk to tell them that she has reached the target heart rate. Chase walks in and does an ECHO on her heart and reports that it looks fine. What's not looking so fine are Addie's arms, which are covered in goose bumps even though Addie claims not to be cold or frightened.

Foreman and Chase report to House. Foreman's dubious about the importance of Addie's goose bumps, but Chase thinks Addie's body thinks it's cold when it really isn't, which is the symptom of a neurological problem. Foreman can't think of any that would cause bleeding and goose bumps, while House insists that they're looking at an infection. Foreman scoffs at this, saying they ruled that out since Addie has no fever or elevated white cell count. Yeah, well, you said that about Lupe too, and then she got killed by underwear. I mean, her death certificate is going to list "bra" as her cause of death. Do you know how embarrassing that must be? Even more so than the death certificate of one of my teacher's mothers, who was killed by an electric blanket. When she told us that story, I thought she must have been kidding and started laughing. But she wasn't kidding, and that day, we all learned a valuable lesson about not trusting electric blankets to not go up in flames while you're asleep. I also learned a second lesson, which is not to assume that people are joking about their dead moms. Especially if those people have the authority to give you a detention.

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