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Folger's Crystals

House tells them to start treating Addie for bacterial and fungal infections and do a biopsy on her lung so he can "see the little bugger up close." Do Americans really say "bugger?" Why must they torture Hugh Laurie by making him say British things in his American accent? Foreman goes off to do that while Chase pulls a Cameron and asks House why Foreman is quitting. When House responds with "he wants to breed llamas," Chase somehow figures out that House is also ashamed of the reason Foreman is quitting. Wouldn't Chase just assume that it's because of that woman Foreman killed? I would. And that would be something both Foreman and House would be ashamed of. Why is it such a mystery to him? House just smirks and heads into Wilson's office.

Wilson has a coffee just waiting for House when he enters. Damn, if I had a friend who had a cup of coffee waiting for me whenever I saw him, I wouldn't be as much of an asshole to him as House is. I'd try really hard to keep that friendship alive, unless the coffee was gross. House tells Wilson about how Foreman quit and why and tries to act like it doesn't bother him that Foreman said he doesn't want to turn into House. Wilson points out that House doesn't want to end up like House, either, and House asks if he can resign. Aw, that's sad. But Wilson has the audacity to yawn in House's face! House demands to know why, assuming that Wilson isn't bored since he's in the presence of the great and mighty House and he isn't tired since he's drinking coffee. That means it must be a symptom of something. Wilson accuses him of trying to change the subject because he doesn't want to deal with the Foreman issue. Wilson starts trying to psychoanalyze House, and House totally yawns in his face to, as he says, "communicate boredom." The yawn is awesome in its exaggerated glory and must be seen. If you can't catch it on House, try finding anything Rowan Atkinson's in where he yawns, because it looked just like that. Wilson says House could offer Foreman a raise to stay. House asks him how much money it would take for Foreman to want to be like House. It's such a good point, Wilson doesn't have a response.

While Addie laughs and hangs out with her parents in her hospital room, Cameron comments that she seems fine. House says she is, now that they've cured her with the antibiotics. No, Cameron says, Addie has diarrhea now. WHAT?! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! Surely this is a sign of impending death!!! Shut up, Cameron. House explains the diarrhea away by saying it's just a side effect from the antibiotics, which, by the way, are clearly making Addie all better. Since that's over, he asks the Cottages for a differential diagnosis for frequent yawning. While Foreman and Chase get going with the diagnoses, Cameron asks if this is about Addie. I'm starting to think her nosiness is just a way of getting around the fact that she doesn't know anything and can't offer up any diagnoses of her own. As Chase says that certain anti-depressants and end-stage liver drugs could cause yawning, House makes a quip that, much to everyone's surprise, Foreman laughs at. Chase makes a few leaps of logic and deduces that Foreman does not actually want to leave his job. He's never laughed at anything House has said before. Now he's doing it because he's nervous and uncomfortable. "It wasn't even that good a joke!" Chase blurts out. He quickly recovers and tells House he only meant that it wasn't a good joke in comparison to some of House's other jokes, which are so great and funny love me daddy! House tells him to shut it and go tend to the patient, who is in respiratory distress. They run in and find Addie making squeaking sounds in lieu of breathing.

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