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Folger's Crystals

After the commercial, Chase says Addie had a pleural effusion that caused her to stop breathing. Her recent blood tests also show that she has either cirrhosis of the liver or heart failure. Maybe even both! These things sound dire indeed, but House is too busy commenting on either a typo or bad handwriting in the report and notes that Addie has "bluud" in her lungs. His facial expressions are very funny here. Come to think of it, House has been very muggy this episode. He says that blood in the lungs indicates an infection, because he wants it to be one. Chase points out that there were only minute traces of bluud, but House says even minute traces can be significant. Cameron says bluud in the luungs can be an infection, but it can also be a bunch of different cancers. Cancer, shmancer. House orders them to increase the dosage of Addie's antibiotics to treat the infection she simply must have. Boy, Lupe sure could've benefited from this kind of stubbornness a few weeks ago, wouldn't you say? Maybe that's why House is so determined now. I doubt it, though. He seems beyond learning anything from his patients, at least in any way he'd show us. House tells the kids to do an arteriogram on Addie's lungs so they can find the infection he knows is lurking there.

House reports to Clinic duty, which we've only seen a few times this season, but every time we do, I always realize how much I miss it. For that matter, where the hell has Evil Nurse Brenda been lately? House's patient greets him with an immediate "it's about my bowel movements." Maybe he heard about what happened to Kayla and has decided it's wise to get the embarrassing yet important medical stuff out of the way as quickly as possible at PPTH. House makes eyes at the patient's Hot Young Blonde Girlfriend, who will be staying in the room for what promises to be a fun and revealing examination. "We do everything together," the patient explains. Even Siamese twins develop interests independent of each other, guys. Chill. The guy says the problem is his "bowel movements" float. The girlfriend, who claims that Honey is her real name and that she's a nutritionist, says that's not normal for someone on a vegan diet. The guy converted to veganism for Honey, and doesn't appear to have been on the diet for very long considering his rather ample proportions. Indeed, he says he was initially worried about the lack of protein in a vegan diet, but Honey has shown him that nuts make a great substitute for that. House guesses that they've been together for six months, figuring that any longer than that the "poop love" would have faded. If you ask me, poop love shouldn't be there in the first place.

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