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Folger's Crystals

The Cottages enter the meeting room and spy on their boss's conversation (Cameron isn't even trying to hide her over-interest as she stands there in plain sight, staring at House and Wilson with her brow furrowed. She has no shame!), and Wilson asks House if he's talked to Foreman yet. He says if House doesn't talk to Foreman, he'll lose him. Dude, Foreman resigned. In the adult world, you've already lost him. When you quit a job and the dean of medicine gives you a good-bye hug, it's over. House pretends not to be concerned about this, saying that losing Foreman will only make him appreciate the things he does have. Unfortunately for him, coffee laced with fun speed is no longer one of those things. House heads into the meeting room, where Chase says that the ocular biopsy was negative, which means Addie doesn't have CFH deficiency. Foreman thinks they're looking for a brain tumor, and House agrees that his infection theory does not appear to have panned out and they should investigate other possibilities and stop wasting time. No, he doesn't! He says he still thinks they're looking for an infection. If the ocular biopsy had been positive, he says, it would have proven he was right. A negative result, however, does not prove that he was wrong. Foreman wants to do an MRI and look for a tumor in Addie's brain. House says he's welcome to do that, although he'll have to look for an abscess while he's there, since infections cause abscesses and Addie has an infection. I both love and hate how House is determined that Addie has an infection despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Addie is stuck in the MRI of DOOOM ! In the booth, Foreman comments to Cameron that ever since he quit, House has been in a better mood than ever. Maybe it's because House is expecting Foreman to pull a Cameron and demand a date for his return to PPTH and House is really excited about the date? Foreman asks Cameron why she hasn't asked him why he's quitting. She shrugs and says she figured he'd tell her when and if he wanted to. What, Cameron being not at all nosy? Are we in Opposite Land? Is the MRI of DOOOM! going to start healing people next? Or is Cameron just really, really good at getting Foreman to talk, since he tells her that he's leaving because he's afraid of turning into House? Cameron immediately says that Foreman isn't a jerk. Except when he's stealing your articles and trying to kill you, Cameron. I mean, it was just last season! How quickly they forget. "You're a better doctor than when you came through the door," Cameron adds, sounding a lot like one of those women in commercials for job training schools. "Take the good and leave the bad," Cameron continues, sounding a lot like everyone's grandma. Foreman says that's easier for Cameron to do than it is for him. "Why, because you think I need to toughen up?" Cameron asks. No, Cameron, it's because Foreman killed a patient and, by some miracle, you've never killed any of your patients. Cameron asks Foreman if he thinks she's weak. "Yeah," Foreman answers. Ask a silly question...

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