Risky Business

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All You Need Is Cash

Barton signs. The company will move to China and House will presumably make his day-trading money.

House rolls a laser into the hospital. I'm not sure what the mechanics were of turning that laser into stock-buying money, then getting the laser back. Wilson meets him in the lobby and pays him some money, which is when we realize that Wilson made a bet with House that Park would get fired. Then he tells House that he only made the bet to balance House off. He goes on to tell House that he knows that he interfered in that hearing to make her more emotional and seem vulnerable. And that the committee all hates him, which seemed pretty obvious. Wilson thinks that House was neutral with regard to bets, so he must have gone out of his way to make Park get exonerated because he likes her. House claims he'd just rather win Wilson's money than Park's. Then he gives him back the five thousand dollars Wilson didn't know was missing.

House rolls the laser into Foreman's office. Foreman glares at him: "Congratulations. You're not going to jail. Today." House magnanimously offers to double his clinic hours, but Foreman has heard about Adams's deal and doubles them again. House tells him to call Chase and Taub. "Get 'em in here. The boys are back." Foreman points out that the check is for more than he told House it would take. "I know." This is a weird way to run a hospital.

Adams enters the ortho area, which I guess is House's once more. So if the ortho people run a stock scam that makes them even more money, do they get to buy the area back? House takes a lab coat off a skeleton and holds it out, congratulating her. I guess Adams is officially hired now. He has decided that she caught her boyfriend cheating. His evidence is that she kept pitching an STD diagnosis, talked about loyalty a lot, and mentioned being pretty. She says that it was her husband and she was signing divorce papers. House is surprised he missed her being married, but they've been separated for almost a year.

House grabs, not his cane, but a bat. He offers it to Adams. "It's all bought and paid for." She's being allowed to smash up the skeleton? Those are expensive! Which is dumb, because there are billions of the things. I've got one inside me right now. She smashes it in slow motion, which looks like fun. Then she busts up the whole rest of the ortho lab. Which is probably going to be left to the long-suffering custodial crew to clean up.

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