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All You Need Is Cash

The daughter tells Adams she wants to get her father out of there before 9:00, when the market opens. The premise here is that the market knows that he's sick, and therefore the company business has gone down. Or possibly the market is eager to hear that the company's problems are at an end. Either way, I'm kind of surprised to learn that this is a publicly-traded company, because there was a lot of talk about how this was a family-owned company. They're certainly acting like Barton can do anything he wants, but if people can buy stock, there are shareholders to consider. In fact, remember that scene where Barton refused to consider outside investors? That's what selling stock means. Okay, anyway. The daughter tells Adams that she thinks her father's moving the company because her mother dies of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, rather than greed. He just can't stand to be reminded of her, see. So he's distraught, so it's okay!

Enough plot. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Coughing up blood! Intubation kit! Oh no!

After a commercial, it's time for Medical Talk! I suppose I should turn on the closed captioning at some point so I can give some of the hard-to-spell ideas that don't get picked up. Park goes with hyperviscosity syndrome. They're in Foreman's office, incidentally, which is huge. House suggests hyperviscosity syndrome as a way of bringing up the fact that Park sent out a non-apology apology that was just like her ex-boss's. She even mentioned anger management classes, which House doesn't want her to take. Naturally; he prefers having subordinates who are fun to taunt. If they learn coping mechanisms, they might learn to ignore him. Park suggests a clotting problem. House says Adams was hostile to the daughter, even though she was pleasant to all the rapists and murderers at the prison. She even came to work for House for free, and he's a sociopath. He's taken an interest in why she was late. She says, "I was at a job interview." House isn't buying it. She got there at 9:15, and the nearest hospital is 45 minutes away. Couldn't the job interview have been at PPTH?

Foreman enters and tells them to get out. House points him to the check he left on his desk, which House feels will excuse all his misbehavior (well, all his recent misbehavior) and also buy back his old office and former minions. Foreman knows it was given under duress and tears it up. Park and Adams start to leave. Then House grabs Foreman's ass. Not briefly, either; he gets a nice big handful of butt and holds onto it. He claims that he was doing this to prove that the natural response was what Park did, i.e. to punch the ass-grabbed. Foreman does not punch him. House: "My god, you have superhuman discipline. And glutes." Foreman: "Get your hands off me." Park: "Sorry." Foreman: "Go."

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