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All You Need Is Cash

House's office. Everything is in casts. The ortho people have come in and wrapped the lights, the chair, and each individual thing on the desk in plaster. It looks great! He goes into the ortho room to announce, "Of course you know, this means war." Yup. The ortho guy seems okay with that. His plan includes escalation and retaliation until things go too far. And in the end: "I'll get suspended. And you'll go back to prison. Happy pranking." House goes back to his office to scheme and plot.

Adams comes in and says some medical stuff. Park constructs a metaphor about how Barton's plumbing works, so the problem must be in his electrics. She also says her college roommate, editor of Yale Law Review, is writing her opening statement for the disciplinary hearing. House thinks that won't matter. Park mentions that Andrews (her ex-boss, the one who grabbed her butt) had been drinking. House reflects that he's taking sexual harassment training, not AA. He also mumbles something about how Foreman must have known that Andrews had been drinking.

Park barges into Foreman's office, which pleases me. Foreman's probably bored, just sitting there doing administrative work all day. She tells Foreman that he already knew Andrews was drinking that night. He agrees. She wants the meeting cancelled, on the grounds that Foreman wouldn't want people knowing that he set the wheels in motion. Foreman says Andrews was the only neurologist who was available, "so we agreed that he would come in and wouldn't touch the patient." Park intones, "I can understand the rationalization. We'll see if the board agrees when I tell them the whole story at my hearing." Foreman has done that already and gotten docked two weeks' pay. Park looks surprised that her attempt to blackmail Foreman didn't work. He thinks she's been working for House too long already.

Barton report: there were no electrical abnormalities in the atrium. Park thinks she's in trouble. She would also like Adams to submit a character reference, which is not a favor somehow. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Something's wrong with Barton again.

House suggests to Adams that they release Barton. That doesn't go over all that well. He just wants to announce to the world that Barton is fine so that the market will react to the news that the company's going to China. As I understand House's plan, he's trying to capitalize on the momentary dip the company took when Barton went into the hospital. That's incredibly unethical, but what else is new? But Barton's not ready, so House is out $20,000. He got $5,000 from Adams, stole another $5,000 from Wilson, and got the other $10,000 on margin. It's a good thing Wilson is a complete pushover or he might object to House stealing money from him. So now House wants $200,000 from Adams to cover his losses. She won't do it. He attempts to manipulate her motivations and she sees right through it: "So if I give you two hundred thousand dollars, I'll feel smart and pretty?" House's latest theory about her lateness was that she was with family. She starts to tell him what it was, but he cuts her off because where's the fun in that?

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