Risky Business

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All You Need Is Cash

House tells his team that it's a brain problem, not a lung problem. So they're consulting with neurology. Specifically, Dr. Mark Andrews, Park's old boss. Park panics. House enters Andrews's office. Once Park enters, Andrews looks awkward and has downcast eyes. House cheerfully comments, "Do you two know each other? It's a small world." He makes Park tell Andrews about the patient. House: "Cute butt, huh?" Adams wants to leave, but House says she shouldn't turn her back on Andrews. Andrews proposes a spinal cord problem: normal pressure hydrocephalus. Park rejects the spinal cord. According to her, it's the wiring between his heart and brain: autonomic disregulation syndrome. A tilt-table test will confirm. Andrews says it could put him in a coma if she's wrong and says it should be a spinal fluid test, which would confirm his diagnosis. Park insists on her diagnosis. House insists on the spinal fluid test.

Out in the hallway, Park tells Adams they're doing a tilt-table test to prove that she can stand up to House. Why not a spinal fluid test? Park says, "The symptoms fit and Andrews is a hack. Do you think I'm right?" Pause. Park is tired of waiting for Adams to answer, so she declares that it's time to go. Adams tells Park to go prepare for her hearing. Adams will take care of this herself.

Adams tilts Barton on the tilt-table. Foreman enters to tell her that a skin-resurfacing laser is missing. Adams shrugs. Foreman thinks House got it. Adams speculates about prison tattoo removal. In other news, the patient's feet are hot. But that's normal, apparently. Adams asks how expensive this missing laser is, and is not surprised to learn that the answer is "Two hundred thousand dollars." Foreman tells her not to cover for him when he asks her to cross the line. So he knows House is out there stealing six-figure lasers? So much for that time he threatened to send House back to prison if he stepped out of line. Foreman leaves and Adams asks Barton about the state of his feet. There's no answer. She takes his pulse. "Oh no."

Disciplinary committee. Foreman kicks things off. Park has an opening statement, but before she can get into it, House bursts in with Adams. He wants to fire her himself. She went rogue and now the patient is in a coma! This has never happened before, except for just about every other episode! Adams says she's the one who did the test, not Park. House is dragged off, protesting that Park went out of her way to defy him. Adams also leaves, although I don't think she has a security escort. So now we're back to the disciplinary hearing. Foreman says that House's words will have no bearing on the hearing. "Please continue." Park is a little shaken. Unless her roommate's speech started with, "I, uh..." she's gone off the script.

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