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House apologizes to Cameron for making her chances of being unemployed rise from zero to fifty. Perhaps a few Vicodins before the speech would have made him more docile. Oh well! House conspicuously walks to the opposite side of the room from Cameron, as far away from her as he can possibly be without phasing through the wall of his living room. Cameron tells House that he won't have to fire anyone after all, because she's leaving. House limps up and asks her if she's trying to be all noble and self-sacrificing, and Cameron says she's doing it to protect herself. She liked House because she always thought the method to his crankiness was that he wanted to help people. After hearing his speech tonight, Cameron realized that House is more about doing the right thing. So...House will never get with her because it wouldn't be morally correct to sleep with an employee? Whatever you want to tell yourself, there, Allison. Cameron holds out a hand for House to shake, but apparently, that's not the right thing to do, so she has to do that thing where you pretend that you were really just sticking your arm out on your way to pushing your hair back to save handshake-rejection face. Then she whimpers that she only knows two ways to deal with "things," and only one of them is under her control. And it's to leave. The other one, of course, is for House to beat her over the head with his cane as a literal interpretation of his very obvious lack of interest in her. He doesn't even look at her as she says goodbye and walks out. As soon as the door closes behind her, House looks kind of tearful and sad, but I choose to believe that's because he just noticed that his Gameboy DS has a scratch in it.

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