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The Mystery Miscarrier is back, and she has some bruising on her neck that the internet said could be a symptom of leukemia. Why would she go back to the same doctor who diagnosed her with a miscarriage she's absolutely certain she did not have? How does that Clinic get any return visitors? Why don't these people have regular doctors to bother with this stuff?! House diagnoses the bruise as a hickey, and, again, the woman says that's impossible. House grabs some of her hair and says he'll be testing it for the date rape drug, then.

House ambles into the Senator's room with the HIV test results. The Senator is HIV-positive. House hands him some antiretroviral drugs and says that his T-cell count was eight, which, if you watched Season 3 of The Real World, you know is really, really bad. House says that they need to contact the Senator's sexual partners. The Senator says that shouldn't be too difficult, since he's only had two since his wife died, and he used condoms with both of them. House roundaboutedly accuses the Senator of covering up his homosexuality by saying that, one day, we might have a gay black president. He will be alive, though, which rules the Senator out right there. The Senator calls House a coward who's afraid to be disappointed by thinking the best of people. Apparently, "the best" is that they're not gay. The Senator adds that it's much easier to assume the worst and make snide little remarks. It's not easier for me; I have a much better time ripping Cameron the Positive apart than trying to describe House's merry quips in a way that does them justice. When it comes to House, I don't think it's about what's easier so much as what's more practical. People will disappoint you more often than not, so why set yourself up for something that is less likely to happen? Plus, his leg hurts and that makes him angry. House thinks for a second, and then gets the equipment ready to draw some more of the Senator's blood. Only wise words from famous black patients can change House's mind.

Later, the Senator moves to get out of bed, only to find that his right leg is paralyzed. A nurse at a nearby station has a great view of the Senator's difficulties as he almost takes out his IV pole and slams his dead leg into various parts of his bed, and she totally ignores him. That's one of the most realistic depictions of a hospital this show has ever had.

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