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Livin' on the Edge

The runaway is furious that they went to her school. She starts to leave, saying she'll get some fluconazole at a clinic. I'm impressed with how much she knows about medicine. Then she collapses because she can't feel her legs. It's not a fungal infection!

House is shooting skeet. Adams continues to encourage him to get Social Services involved. House says no. He's terrible at skeet-shooting and Park accurately points out that he's never done this before. Chase proposes vasculitis. House puts the runaway on steroids. Adams says she's calling Social Services. House insists that she participate in a skeet-shooting bet and she naturally wins. He looks shocked.

The runaway appears to be responding to the corticosteroids and is friendly with the social worker. But Adams spots some suspiciously high heels on the social worker.

Foreman has House and Adams in his office. That was a hooker posing as a social worker, which I guess could be a fetish for someone. House called off the real social worker by pretending to be a Mr. Pujols. I mention that because House finds the name "Pujols" funny. "Poo-holes." Foreman is calling the cops. Exit Adams. Foreman is going to give House additional clinic hours. He thinks House can't get out of it because Chase deleted the pictures on his phone. But House has actual pictures. House insists on reduced clinic hours and unlimited Internet porn. In my opinion, Foreman should not be letting House blackmail him while he's still on parole for driving a car into his previous boss's house.

Lobby. Wilson tells House he's protecting the runaway because he likes her. He feels that she's House's road not taken. House denies having a connection with the kid. Wilson says that when the parents show up, House will protect her.

Taub has two babies and some hand puppets at his home. He is nearly as bored by this as I am. He gives the kids each a hand puppet and starts to read his DVR manual.

Back at the hospital, Adams assures Taub that kids are just boring. Taub's sure are. I imagine parents of actual twins are rolling their eyes at his complaints about how his kids just sit there. I bet there are more inconvenient things a pair of tiny babies could do. Adams and Taub find the Runaway, who's packing to leave. She says her mother hit her and that she doesn't trust the system to protect her. The mother enters and announces herself as Ellen Rogers. The kid is Callie. A Social Worker tries to calm things down, but Callie breaks the tension by coughing up a lot of blood.

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