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Livin' on the Edge

House's office. The team throws around lots of diagnoses. Adams suggests alcohol-induced esophagitis, since there was a lot of beer at the house. House says she hasn't been drinking around them. So maybe some of the symptoms are due to the DTs? He suggests a berry aneurysm. There's no sign of that on the CAT scan, but it could have been hiding. The two proposals are alcoholism and berry aneurysm. Let's do some brain surgery!

Taub and Adams tell Callie and she accurately notes that they don't believe the aneurysm theory. She says she's not an alcoholic, since she only has beer with friends occasionally and most of the beer she keeps around is for payment. She insists she's not an addict. She wants the brain surgery. But it's her mom's decision. Callie orders her to approve the surgery. "I need a few minutes," says mom.

House yells at Adams for undermining his diagnosis in front of the patient. She tells him not to bully the mother into approving brain surgery because she's feeling overwhelmed. House says the daughter is going to die from the aneurysm she decided not to treat.

House sits by the mother and ostentatiously takes some Vicodin in front of her. He tells her she shouldn't be making the decision. He wants her to leave. He follows up, "She hates you" with, "Your daughter is better off without you. So let her be better off without you." He tells her he's doing the surgery. And he seems to have left his pill bottle next to her. She reaches down slowly and eventually calls after him. "My daughter's care is my choice. And so is this. Treat her for alcoholism." She gives him the bottle back.

Foreman asks Chase and Taub why Anita would tell her husband about the affair but not stop. Yeah, why? Chase is playing with the kids and getting on Taub's nerves. Foreman mopes about hurting the husband. Moving on.

Adams tells Callie about the bait-bottle of Vicodin and how the mother didn't bite. The mother is sleeping outside Callie's room because Callie won't let her in there on account of not being believed about her drinking.

Wilson joins House in the elevator and smugs at him about him protecting Callie. House admits that he hopes he was wrong about the aneurysm, but when Wilson calls him on it, backs off and decides that he hopes that the aneurysm bursts non-fatally.

Taub interrogates Wilson about empathy. He wants to know how Wilson fakes interest in his patients. Wilson says that if they seem boring, he just hasn't found what makes them interesting yet. He claims that he talks about things that interests him until he finds something the other person is also interested in.

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