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Livin' on the Edge

Foreman and Anita. Foreman wants her to tell her husband they broke up so they can go back to sneaking around. He doesn't know why, though. "This just feels wrong." She decides to leave.

Clinic. Confederate soldiers are vomiting into the trash can. House looks at the jacket of one and asks which one is the cheap bastard. The uniforms are polyester, not wool. This caused got antimony poisoning, causing the diarrhea and numb hands and vomiting. Sheldon claims that he was being authentic in that he only spent $21 on the uniform.

The mom brings Callie a banana muffin, which reminded her of a trip they once took to St. Petersburg, Florida. Callie wants to know if she was high on that trip. "Not when we were together. I used to wait until you went to bed." Callie doesn't seem delighted by that news, but tells her mother she can stay if she wants. Adams is happy. Callie eats the muffin. BEEP BEEP BEEP! She goes unconscious. Adams says she was wrong and that the berry aneurysm must have just burst.

Surgery. The various lobes and ventricles are clear. House says the aneurysm must have leaked instead of bursting. No, everything is clear. She doesn't have a berry aneurysm. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Blood pressure dropping! House calls Adams out.

Adams says that Callie got a little better on steroids. They went to Florida once. Cholera? Dengue fever? House mocks that, gets as far as "lays in wait for several years," then goes to talk to the mom. Did they go swimming in a lake or everglade? Yes! In a canal! House intones, "Family vacations kill." House has the mom go with him on the grounds that he doesn't want to explain it twice. Not sure I buy that. He loves explaining things.

House interrupts the surgery to announce (without a surgical mask) the latest diagnosis: ascariasis. Caused by a parasitic worm in feces. The steroids agitated the worms, which sent them to the esophagus. It will be fixed with Mebendazole will fix it.

Adams and the mother talk happily about Callie's recovery. But when they get to her room, they discover that Callie has split. There's a note.

Adams tells House that Callie didn't want to be there when her mother slipped again. "You got the ending you wanted." House tells Adams that he just wanted the case ended. He doesn't care if the people who work for him are screwed up.

Taub looks longingly at a football magazine while his two quiet, well-behaved daughters watch him. He decides to tell them about Aaron Rodgers. They seem to enjoy the story. Then he mocks Terrell Owens. Why do so many of these episodes end with strummy emotional music? Taub's emotional journey does not merit musical scoring.

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