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Sex Kills, Again

Now that the tick has been removed, Melinda should make a full recovery. She's whisked away to ICU as House and Wilson walk away, triumphant. For you see, Wilson's suggestion of giving Melinda that stuff in the ICU was just a ploy to get House and Melinda into the elevator together to give House extra time to find the tick. Wilson is extra-triumphant, since the filing halfway through House's cane he did sometime last night finally worked and House's cane snaps in two, causing him to fall spectacularly. I'd ordinarily feel sorry for the guy for having such an embarrassing public display of his disability, but he did just put that tick in what was probably a cup of juice some poor patient will swallow, so I'm okay with laughing at his misfortune. The rest of the hallway population seem to agree with me, as they just stare at House and don't even try to help him.

Sometime later, Melinda has made an amazingly quick recovery. Foreman pronounces her ready to be discharged, much to her delight. Her mother has learned a lesson too, as she tells Melinda that she'll be going back to school in a few days. Melinda suddenly remembers how much school sucks and says she isn't ready. "You're ready," says Mom.

House comes home and takes a seat on the couch next to Wilson. They put their legs up on the coffee table in unison, and Wilson says he finally called a divorce lawyer. He adds that House "might not want to sit exactly there" on the couch, since that's presumably the spot where Wilson peed on it after House put his hand in the water in a prank that totally backfired on him.

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