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Mirth Day
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We zoom over a computer graphic of a construction site in the middle of a forest. On the ground, an environmental group has chained itself around a dump truck and put a "What Would Nature Do?" sign over the vehicle. I'm sure that sign is made out of recycled materials and the environmentalists biked their way to the site. The construction workers are absolutely furious that the environmentalists are preventing them from doing their jobs even though they probably get paid whether they work or not, to the extent that they have to be held back by a line of police officers. Those construction workers are that eager to destroy the environment. One worker says he wants to work to feed his children, and the head environmentalist says if he really cared about his kids, he'd want them to grow up in a clean environment. This makes the worker ridiculously angry. Some hippie chick says that the workers should be thanking them for stopping them from being exposed to the evil coal dust. The head environmentalist says coal is the dirtiest energy on Earth. For this, he gets a rock chucked at his head. It doesn't hit anyone, but the hippie chick slumps over anyway, and a police officer checks on her and say she needs a hospital. The head guy disagrees, saying she's just dehydrated and one of their environmentalist medics can take care of her. "She has no pulse," the officer says. Whoops! There's cage-free veg-fed egg all over your face, head guy. He begrudgingly releases his arm so the woman can get medical attention. But all the officer does is sprinkle some water on her face. She comes to, and it turns out she was just dehydrated after all and the officer was lying. The head guy is pissed, but it could be worse. Once, a police officer lied that the ticket he was giving me was for just $25. Then it came in the mail and it was $92! Lame. The head environmentalist yells that they'll be back, but his threat loses something when he stumbles and falls on the ground. The construction workers are amused by this, but the guy has trouble getting to his feet and is seeing double. He falls on his back and says he can't stand.

Over at PPTH, Cameron visits her post-surgery boyfriend and says she has to push back their upcoming getaway, at which they'll either be snowboarding or surfing, depending on what Chase meant by getting her a board to learn on. It doesn't really matter now, as Cameron claims that a Philadelphia doctor she owes a favor to wants her to help get one of his patients to House, and Cameron can only do that if she isn't on vacation with Chase. "Babe, can't you repay the favor on another case?" Chase asks, adding that after Kumar's recent suicide, now is a better time than ever to get away from PPTH. But Cameron won't be moved, saying they'll go on vacation as soon as she's sure House is taking on her case. Chase smiles and agrees because he knows he has no choice. Cameron always gets her way.

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