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Mirth Day

Meanwhile, the Cottages are wondering why House made Cameron do the test. Hadley has apparently forgotten everything about her boss, as she guesses that House wants someone to "mother" him after Kumar's suicide, while Foreman thinks the only mothering House wants involves "a bullwhip, leather diapers, and a credit card." Huh? Since when was House into that kind of scene? And since when did that kind of scene take credit cards? With that, Cameron walks into House's office to report that Doug's inner ear is fine, but his balance is still off. The Cottages walk in from the meeting room, and Taub insists that Doug is faking it, but House knows he wasn't because Cameron changed her shoes. Apparently, when people are faking an illness they're always polite about it and make sure to barf away from their doctors. When they aren't faking, they barf towards them and some shrapnel hits the doctors' shoes and thus they have to change. Foreman decides that all the stress of being an environmentalist could have caused carotid atherosclerosis, which explains the balance problem. Hadley says if that's true, Doug could have a massive stroke at any moment. It's enough to make House spit out the rubber band he's been chewing on. He orders Cameron and only Cameron to do another test to confirm the diagnosis.

Cameron does some kind of ultrasound on Doug's carotid artery, and he does not get all pissy about the electricity she's using to try to save his life. Instead, he hiccups, noting that he's been getting the hiccups fairly often in the past week. Cameron takes note of this, unlike all the other doctors Doug saw who told him the hiccups weren't related to his balance problem. The doctor Cameron owes a favor to is a moron.

Cameron rushes past Chase to make a note of Doug's pathological and possibly serious hiccupping problem. Chase doesn't care about Doug or his hiccups and asks why Cameron is apparently skipping out on the vacation he planned to treat another doctor's patient for hiccups. Yeah, that does look bad. Cameron says she does have a reason for needing to stay with this particular case, but she can't tell Chase what that reason is. Chase says this means that Cameron lied to him in the first place, only to ask him to trust her when she gets busted. "Yes," Cameron says, looking guilty as hell. "Okay," Chase says. Sucker.

Cameron walks with House down the hallway and updates him on Doug, just like the good old days. His carotid artery is fine, but he has the hiccups. House says he is now interested enough in the case for Cameron to leave it with him and go on her vacation, then wonders if the fact that she's all up in this case and doing the tests he told her to do without complaint means she's still in love with him. Let us all hope not, for that storyline is very much played out. Cameron doesn't deny it, just says that she cares about Doug as well as the Cottages, who have been through a lot with Kumar's death. House calls bullshit on that, since she would have been caring and concerned back when the death actually happened, not a week later. He says the only explanation for why she's here now doesn't actually make sense, so he's not going to elaborate on it.

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