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Mirth Day

Hey, everybody! Lisa Edelstein wants you to know that on the set of House, they make a real effort to recycle with on-set recycling bins! And when they go on location, I'm sure they don't have huge, pollution-spewing, gas-guzzling trucks that tow all the equipment and the stars' luxury trailers. Save the Earth, y'all!

Foreman exposits that the crunchy neck was caused by an air leak between Doug's lungs. Cameron thinks that was caused by the hiccups, while Taub thinks it's a neck spasm. Yeah, one of those crunchy neck spasms. Sure. Taub is useless this week. Foreman still wants to find a way to relate Doug's protests to his illness, saying he picketed a lumbar mill last fall, and could have developed sarcoidosis, which has been linked to pine forests. The important thing to remember about that is that pine forests can somehow cause sarcoidosis, and thus they should all be chopped down so they don't hurt us. Those construction workers Doug was protesting were only trying to help. House turns that theory down, while Hadley steals Cameron's immunologist thunder and guesses an autoimmune disease caused by more protest exposure to industrial waste. House tells the real Cottages to treat Doug for systemic sclerosis with steroids while testing to confirm the diagnosis that will ultimately be wrong anyway. Notably, Cameron will not be doing the work this time. He tells the Cottages they're at bat while Cameron can "grab some pine," as in, sit on the bench. Although now I just hope she doesn't catch any metaphorical sarcoidosis from that metaphorical pine. Cameron smirks and asks why House won't let her participate anymore. He says she obviously wants to be there and he can't figure out why. So he's going to see where she goes when she can't stay with him. Cameron walks out with that smirk still on her face like she won something.

And where does she go? The Clinic. Suffice it to say, the Clinic is not where Chase was planning on spending their vacation. Cuddy finds her there, and decides to butt into Cameron's relationship with Chase in order to save her own non-existent one with House. Cameron basically tells Cuddy to butt right on out and that she can talk to Chase herself, which is kind of ridiculous since she obviously hasn't and won't. Cuddy decides to keep stepping over the line and asks Cameron if she's in love with House. Cameron doesn't answer, instead deflecting by accusing Cuddy of trying to mark her territory. They might as well get in a cat fight right here and now, since they've already crossed all the other professional boundaries. But Cuddy just says that no one should be involved with House. Not Cameron, not Cuddy, not anyone. And Cuddy thinks Cameron and Chase are good together, so she shouldn't screw that up. I just love getting unsolicited relationship advice from my boss who is transparently trying to save her own chance at a relationship with my former boss, don't you? And this might shock you, but Cameron's reaction to all of this is another smirk.

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