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The medicine is destroying Laura's heart, which is the last thing they want to do. House figures that this is the end of the line, saying that either he was wrong and Laura really does have hep C, or the only medicine that will cure what she does have is ruining her heart anyway. Either way, they can't use her heart. He loudly says that he'll just have to find another body. He saw a Fat Guy in the ER who looked ripe for the plucking. Agent Weiss doesn't want to give up, though. He's gotten used to having his braindead wife around, and after all this, he wants her to save Henry. The Fat Guy's family breathes a sigh of relief that they won't have to deal with an asshole doctor insulting them while they try to plan their loved one's funeral.

After the commercial break, everyone's pretty pessimistic. Chase wants to do a biopsy on that cyst, but House compares Laura to a fridge with no power, saying that the more they poke around in her, the sooner everything will go bad. "No offense," he tells Agent Weiss, completely insincerely. Right analogy, wrong crowd. Cameron suggests checking Laura for toxins, to which Agent Weiss says that her tox screen was clean. Well, who died and made him an expert on his wife's health? Oh, right. Sorry, Agent Weiss. Don't knee me in the crotch, please. House says that they can try testing Laura for the "really cool toxins" the normal tests don't cover. I can't believe he's actually taking those tox-screen test results seriously. Foreman gets to run the exotic tox screens. Chase gets to keep Henry alive. Cameron gets to go Back to School and look for environmental factors. That leaves House and Agent Weiss to check out her home. Wow, has anyone actually been present for their own House house inspection before? House puts a hand on Agent Weiss's back as he leads him out of the room, which was a nice gesture that seemed really out of character for someone who's spent most of the show antagonizing the guy.

We don't get to see the ride over to Agent Weiss and Laura's home, although I can guess it consisted of the usual awkward small talk:

Agent Weiss: So, uh, are your balls feeling better?
House: No.
Agent Weiss: ...
House: ...

And there you go. We join Agent Weiss and House already inside the house. House has found some of Laura's secret hair dye and asks Agent Weiss if his wife had any other secrets from him. Well, if she did, then they wouldn't be secrets, would they?

Henry is still dying -- now more than ever. His heart has stopped pumping enough blood to his brain. He needs that new heart soon.

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