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And as it turns out, Meat doesn't have lung cancer heart failure after all. It was a misdiagnosis, and shame on House for needing Cameron of all people to figure that out. Shame even more on Wilson for diagnosing Meat with lung cancer when he really just had a simple curable fungal infection. Because you know it was Wilson who diagnosed it. It has to be. He's the only cancer doctor at PPTH, and the doctor at St. Sebastian's would have known better. Meat will be fine in three months with treatment. Meat's not exactly thrilled about this, though, since it means Yvette won't get her liver, even though they know that she could die even with the transplant. He says if House won't let him do the transplant, he'll just kill himself so she can get the liver anyway.

When Hadley and Taub find out about Meat's new prognosis, they're less enthusiastic about killing him. House says that Meat is going to kill himself no matter what, so they might as well make sure the liver stays in good condition. Hadley refuses to take part in this. Taub volunteers to help, saying they've already had one pointless death. Better make the next one count extra.

Instead of murdering Meat, though, Taub just wheels him into Yvette's room and announces that he's planning on dying to give her his liver even though his heart condition is not terminal after all. He asks Yvette how she feels about this. I feel that this is all ridiculous and I can't bring myself to care when I'm wondering what's going on with the Kumar stuff. Meat is really pissed off that his doctor-patient confidentiality has been violated, but it's not like he should have expected this hospital to have great ethics in the first place seeing as how they wanted him to sign his own death warrant just a few minutes ago. Yvette doesn't say anything because she's getting worse.

Taub tells House that Yvette's fever has spiked and she's suffering from a massive infection. House is just mad that her fever didn't spike when she was in possession of a shiny new liver. He's all for Meat dying needlessly in order to give Yvette a chance to live because Yvette is his patient and Meat is not. And Meat's diagnosis has been made while Yvette's is still uncertain. It has nothing to do with what's best for everyone involved and everything to do with what will give House his best chance to solve the puzzle. The diagnoses start, and House says Yvette must be hiding something, snapping that either they have all the clues and they're idiots or they don't have all the clues. He's especially irritated because he's starting to realize that employee suicides don't follow the same rules as his patients' health problems. Hadley says something about people and places Yvette has been exposed to, and that gives House his epiphany.

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