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He goes to Yvette and Meat's room and accuses her of a bad lie -- she claimed she went to Hawaii six months ago, and in reality she went to Rio. Meat says no way, while Yvette says, "Why are you doing this?" because it's true. House says if she went to Rio, then it gives them their diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis, thanks to disease-carrying sand flies in the region. Despite Duran Duran's best advice, in Rio you should not dance on the sand. Or, if you do, tell the truth about it before your not-actually-dying husband tries to kill himself to save you. Yvette admits to Meat that she went to Rio with another man: "I got tired of waiting." Is Rio really this nice? I can't think of anywhere I want to go that's worth all this. Except maybe the moon. That would be so cool, to go to the moon. Yvette is very sorry, as is Meat. I'd feel a lot more for them if they weren't just big obstacles keeping me from the storyline I really want to watch. House tells Taub to treat Yvette and hope they can get a liver transplant in time. He notes that both Meat and Yvette were willing to die for each other, but it was out of guilt and not love. Taub thinks those two emotions go hand-in-hand. Especially when you cheat on your own wife.

Later, Taub reports to Cuddy's office. She says they've got a liver on the way, but Taub says there's no need: Yvette isn't responding to the treatment. They were too late. Yvette seriously failed out this week. She cheated on her husband to make her dream of going to Rio come true, only for him to be diagnosed with a terminal illness when she got back. Then she lies to her doctors, causing them to take too long to diagnose her condition, probably also thanks to accelerating her own failing health in an attempt to save her husband, whose condition isn't terminal after all. And then she manages to get a miracle when the Evil Transplant Committee agrees to spare one of their precious organs, but it's too late. With that news, Cuddy offers to give Taub a ride to Kumar's funeral. He'd rather stay with Yvette. Cuddy tries to make someone feel better by saying that Yvette's death bought Meat enough time for PPTH to save his life, so that should give her death some meaning. "No. It won't," Taub says. All death probably seems pretty meaningless right now.

Wilson checks in on House. He says he was wrong that House was only interested in solving the puzzle of Kumar's death. House never saw this suicide coming, and he thinks of himself as the expert in human nature who can predict every reaction to everything. He's not trying to figure out what he missed with Kumar; he's trying to figure out why he missed it. And he's not mourning the loss of Kumar; he's mourning whatever he must have lost in himself, because that's the only thing that keeps House going. I'd feel a lot more sorry for House if any of this was about Kumar and not just himself and if he hadn't made Kumar's poor suffering parents feel even worse. Wilson goes to the funeral. House stays behind. And for him to care about Kumar's death to the extent that it affects himself makes House such an inhumanly selfish prick that I really don't want to watch much more.

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