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Back from break, the meeting room is darker and bluer than ever, so any hope anyone who didn't get a "KUMAR IS SO DEAD Y'ALL *spoiler alert*" email may have had that he'd survive this must surely be gone. House expresses his grief by rubbing the back of his neck. Foreman has changed into an equally immaculate but less blood-stained suit. Taub is rubbing his forehead. Hadley's hair suddenly looks like it hasn't been washed in two weeks. House finally speaks: "He didn't say anything to any of you? Family problems? Bad relationship? Financial pressures?" Foreman says Kumar did have some family problems, seeing as how his parents were shot and killed in front of him. Did we know that before? We knew his parents were murdered, but I don't know that they ever said he saw it happen. Then again, Kumar really didn't get a chance to say much of anything on this show. House dismisses this, saying that happened a long time ago. Foreman points out that it can still be painful for someone with real human feelings. House doesn't think this was a long time coming, based on the fact that Kumar didn't leave a note and killed himself so violently. That reasoning is stupid, but whatever. The fact that there's no note is really annoying, by the way. It's selfish enough to kill yourself, but to not even leave anything for the people you leave behind? As if they won't spend the rest of their lives wondering what they could have done already. House immediately blames the Cottages for working so closely with Kumar and not noticing his inner turmoil. Hadley is kind of pissed and even surprised that House would blame them, and he almost seems apologetic when he says he's just trying to figure this out. How about this: you, House, pitted all these people against each other in the hiring process, thereby creating and encouraging an environment of hostility and cutthroat competition. If your employees don't care enough about each other or are too busy worrying about themselves to think about others, that's your fault. Foreman isn't quite so quick to refuse blame as his girlfriend, saying they should have noticed something was wrong even though Kumar didn't reach out to them. How could he reach out to Hadley and Foreman, though, since they were always off having storylines and leaving him and Taub behind to do the medical work? Hadley insists that this isn't their fault, and suicide prevention pamphlets state that one quarter of all suicides show no outward signs of depression. House thinks it's more like one quarter of all suicides had shitty unobservant friends who don't want to feel guilty after the fact.

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