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Taub finally speaks up, and his opinion on suicide has been well-documented in the past because, unlike Kumar, his character has actually been developed. Not as much as Hadley's, but still. He says that Kumar's death means no one can do anything to help him now. Therefore, Kumar is an idiot. He feels pity, but not guilt. And he'd rather concentrate on the patients who are still alive than the co-worker who isn't. He starts talking about how Meat is definitely getting better as his wife gets worse, but no one cares because Kumar is dead and we have no idea why or any idea that this was even coming unless we're on the Fox Publicity mailing list. Foreman suggests that they pass this case onto another doctor, say, one who didn't just find out that his employee shot himself in the head. That sounds like a good plan, but House refuses to give up on this case, since that would somehow mean giving up on all the cases after it. With that, he starts diagnosing Yvette, and the rest of the team join in. Blah blah polyserositis, and now that the stuff we don't care about is done, Cuddy walks in the room with her best Concerned Sympathetic Face. She says she's hired a grief counselor, even though she knows no one will use his services, and is offering time off that she's sure no one will take. More like House won't use the counselor or take time off and won't let his Cottages do so, either. No one even talks to Cuddy. House tells them to start treating Yvette for polyserositis.

House walks off, and Cuddy follows him. He says he's fine, and Cuddy's pants are unprofessionally tight. Your power suit is not supposed to be painted on, Cuddy. Geez. She's surprised when House reveals that Wilson didn't come running when he heard about Kumar with offers to help House through his grief any way possible, hopefully with lots of hugs. House says he thinks Wilson figured out that he wouldn't want to talk about it. Cuddy clearly has not. She asks House if he had any clue that Kumar was suicidal, and he makes a joke about fantasy football. Even so, Cuddy sincerely says she's sorry for his loss, and he says it's not his loss. "I'm sorry you don't think it is," Cuddy says. At the very least, it's a professional loss to House, right? Without Kumar around to pick up his diagnosing slack, he's left with Taub, Hadley and Foreman, all of whom have proven pretty much useless.

She leaves, and Foreman and Hadley make their way back into the scene. House wants them to get back to work, but they'd rather let Taub do the real work (as usual) while they visit Kumar's parents and get more camera time. Surprisingly, House offers to join them. Even more surprisingly, Foreman and Hadley seem to think this is a good idea.

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