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Skin Is Deep, Balls Are Deeper

Back in the meeting room, the Cottages agree that Alex must have PTSD after all, if there's no cancer. The LP result was just a fluke or an accident. Considering that we had Allison "Am I In Trouble?" Cameron and Robert "Was In Trouble For Killing That Woman" Chase at the helm there, this is very possible. Chase makes the mistake of saying that Alex "just" has PTSD, earning him a lecture from Cameron that getting raped by your father is a big deal. Chase sarcastically gives the PTSD diagnosis the gravity Cameron feels it deserve,s and looks to House for approval of his snarkiness. House thinks they can tell if it's PTSD by with the Folger's test: they'll secretly replace Alex's usual morning IV Ig with saline and see if she notices the difference.

House and the Cottages wait for the results while Alex talks to a woman from Social Services. With shades and the door open, because admitting that your dad raped you certainly isn't something that should be given privacy or anything like that. Chase says that if Alex's symptoms are real, they should be returning any minute, now that the IV Ig has left her system. The social worker exits the room and rather angrily tells Cameron that Alex and her father have both denied having sex with each other. "I'm sure you meant well," CPS lady says, and walks away without doing anything because there's nothing more she can do.

Cameron decides to have a chat with Alex. Unlike CPS lady, she actually closes the door behind her. "You have to tell her the truth," she orders. Alex denies that anything happened, and tries to watch her TV. Cameron turns it off, because this is serious business and it needs to be dealt with, especially if Cameron's going to get in trouble for it. "He's not a bad person," Alex says. "I seduced him." Cameron thinks Alex is just pulling one of those rape-victims-who-thinks-she-deserved-it acts, and takes a seat on Alex's bed. This was Dad's fault and Dad's responsibility, she tells Alex. "I got him drunk," Alex coolly explains. "I had to get him drunk. I wanted to have sex with him." Well, I guess that explains what happened to her mother and Dad's wife: she was turned into a pillar of salt after defying the angels' orders and looking back on the destroyed cities of Sodom of Gomorrah. It also means that Alex's dad is off the hook for what he did to his daughter since she seduced him and he was drunk -- oh, wait. NO IT DOESN'T! He's still a pervy perv perv.

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