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Skin Is Deep, Balls Are Deeper

Foreman gets to inform Alex's dad about his daughter's drug problem and the rapid detox procedure they want to try. It's a dangerous process because of the coma, but it will magically end Alex's addiction overnight. But if Alex ever uses heroin again, her body won't react to it like it did before, and she'll probably overdose. Dad decides to go for the rapid detox, and asks them not to tell Alex how dangerous it could be. Foreman appears to be growing out his goatee. I don't like it that long. He's starting to look like Serj Tankian from System Of A Down.

As Foreman prepares a sweaty Alex for the procedure, she asks if this will be dangerous. True to his word, Foreman avoids answering her, simply saying that her dad thought it was the best thing to do. Alex complains that she's starting to feel pain everywhere. Chase, who's suddenly in the room, explains that the withdrawal process is extremely painful, which is why they are putting her in the coma. She'd better hope she doesn't wake up with parts of her thigh muscle missing! Although I guess that wouldn't be a concern anymore, since Stacy is gone (hooray!). Chase promises Alex that she'll be fine, which means that she totally won't be. Alex says that she thought drugs would be lots of fun to do, although now she realizes how stupid that was. Modeling: the anti-anti-drug.

Dad watches Alex be in her coma. He paces around and looks concerned as time passes. Then Alex's monitors start beeping. Something is very wrong, but since this is PPTH, there are no nurses or staff members around, so Dad has to yell and scream for help as Alex flatlines. We go to a commercial on that suspenseful note, although seeing as we're only fifteen minutes into an hour-long show, I have a feeling Alex will survive.

Later that day, House gets off the elevator and limps painfully down the hall. Alex's dad chases him down -- which, let's face it, isn't too difficult -- and starts calling House names and accusing him of almost murdering his daughter. House puts his cane between himself and the man, which won't be the first time in this episode that House uses his cane in a more unconventional, yet still very useful, way. Dad wants to bring Alex out of her coma, saying that he "doesn't consent anymore" to her treatment. As we will later discover, "consent" is a keyword in the dynamic of Alex and her father's relationship. Guess what, Dad? It's too late to change your mind; Alex will be in too much pain to be woken up. Not like that's stopped House before, but it does this time. "We're committed to this," House says.

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