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Skin Is Deep, Balls Are Deeper

House is also committed to Clinic Duty for the first time in quite a few episodes. I didn't realize how much I missed Clinic Duty until it was gone. It's much more enjoyable to me to see House be an asshole to people with stupid problems than it is to see him be an asshole to people who are mysteriously dying and their upset family members. Today's patient is a man with unexplained pain everywhere -- even his teeth. House isn't very sympathetic, since his leg hurts a lot today, and since he isn't very sympathetic in general. He downs some pills and guesses that the patient is a married man. Now it's the patient's turn to be sarcastic, since he's wearing a wedding ring that makes this pretty obvious. What's not so obvious is the fact that his wife is expecting a child, which House knows since the guy has Couvades syndrome, a.k.a. sympathy pains. "Stop whining," House orders, saying that millions of women are going through the same thing he is and they aren't bothering House. Except that those women know why they're feeling the way they are, don't they? This guy just suddenly found himself feeling bad and went to someone for help, only to be made fun of. This is why I don't like to go to doctors.

Alex wakes up from her coma/temporary death. Chase and her father are by her side. "I have a cute doctor" are Alex's first words. Chase grins; obviously, Alex's sight was not affected by her heart attack. She's says that she's feeling fine physically, but is upset that she let her father down with the whole drug thing. Dad strokes her hand and tells her that they will get her better, and that's all that's important right now. Everything seems just fine until Alex starts repeating herself, complimenting Chase's looks and crying that she let her father down again. She repeats herself word for word, too, which makes me wonder if she spent her coma time rehearsing exactly what she was going to say.

So now the patient has amnesia. Foreman says it could have been from the loss of oxygen to her brain when she had that heart attack, meaning that it's all House's fault for ordering them to make her go through the rapid detox that Foreman seems to think was unnecessary now. House isn't paying attention, though; he's reading the latest issue of Celeb Weekly magazine, which has pictures of what is probably the show's prop team all over the cover. Foreman yells at House to focus on the case, causing House to have a combination hissyfit/demonstration of why he didn't cause a hypoxic brain injury by holding his breath with his cheeks all puffed out like a little boy for thirty seconds, which is how long Alex was without oxygen. House exhales and is able to identify his staff: "Cameron, Chase, and the dark one -- Foreman, right?" He doesn't have amnesia, and he's still racist. House thinks that Alex's brain is fine; her problems are psychological. She has post-traumatic stress disorder. Chase is dubious: "We've got models fighting in Iraq now?" he scoffs, then laughs at his funny. He rarely gets lines at all, so it's nice to see that he appreciates them. House holds up a "sexy" picture of a scantily clad Alex from his magazine and says that any woman who looks like her has been sexually abused. By her own father, he suspects, saying that no man could resist Alex's hot ass, father or no. Chase is disgusted. Cameron is appalled. Foreman is probably looking at his watch, so sick is he of his boss's insane (yet usually correct) assumptions about people. He thinks House is just trying to place the blame on someone else after his rapid detox wrecked Alex's brain. House tells them to do an MRI and a lumbar puncture and wait for the results to come back fine for proof of his correctness, since there's nothing physically wrong with their patient.

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