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Skin Is Deep, Balls Are Deeper

House triumphantly tells the Cottages that he got the admission from Dad, so they can send poor Alex up to the Psych ward and wash their hands of the whole matter. And wash them extra-good to remove the filth of incest. But wait! It's only thirty minutes into the show, and Cameron and Chase found elevated proteins in Alex's spinal fluid! Cameron also found her way into Cuddy's Prim 'N Proper Puritanwear Collection and is sporting the very latest in horrific frilly cravats. It's like they're trying to make her into some kind of nineteenth-century English dandy with that and those fitted vests. She's very upset about House's revelation, while Foreman is quite pleased that those LP results mean House was wrong about Alex's problems being caused by PTSD, although that probably didn't help matters. They weren't caused by the coma heart attack either, so now they're back to square one.

While Alex's dad sits at his daughter's side and kisses her fingers in what used to be a loving, fatherly way but is now a gross, pervy way, Cameron insists to House that they report Dad to Child Protective Services. That doctor-patient confidentiality thing doesn't apply to abuse cases, it seems. House wants to focus on saving Alex's life before he worries about who gets to enter her vagina. And Alex's hospital room has windows, so he's sure nothing wrong will be going down while she's in there alone with the guy. Except for the fact that those nurses are not the most attentive people on the planet and have no qualms letting patients be strangled by their mistresses, so I doubt they'd have a problem with some loving father-daughter sex. And I've just grossed myself out. Cameron crosses the line with House by accusing him of letting his leg pain interfere with reporting Dad to the authorities. He slams his cane against a nearby bookcase and yells that he has a patient with a ton of symptoms and no idea as to their cause, and that he'd rather have her father with them in case he has any other secrets that might help them cure Alex. This actually sounds kind of reasonable to me. It's not like House isn't going to report the guy as soon as he can afterward. House orders the Cottages to do a brain biopsy on Alex...

...and then screams out Wilson's name as the guy innocently tries to walk past House's office without being accosted. He even tried to cover his face with a book, but it didn't work. House can recognize his slow, put-upon gait anywhere. Wilson asks House how many more patients he has to kill (albeit only temporarily) before he realizes that his leg pain is a problem. Just the one, apparently, as House asks Wilson for help.

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