Sleeping Dogs Lie

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The Sandman Cometh

Cameron sets Sleepless Hannah up on some machine that can look inside her eyes, which looks really cool. Things are going well until Foreman strolls in, and they get into their personal shit. Cameron says that she doesn't "see the need to make [Foreman] feel better by forgiving [him]," apparently under the mistaken impression that Foreman feels bad about anything and that this is something they should be discussing in front of a patient. Cameron even has the nerve to tell Foreman that he's being unprofessional by discussing this in front of a patient when she was the one who started it! All Foreman did was ask her if she needed help! It doesn't matter anyway, since Hannah, like most of viewers, is so bored by Cameron's ridiculous childishness that she has fallen asleep. All right! The patient is cured, and we can all go home! Oh, wait -- Hannah has woken up and denies ever having fallen asleep at all.

As House shows us his new way of ingesting Vicodin and giving his lunch a flavorful punch at the same time by crushing up a few pills and sprinkling them over his sandwich, Foreman explains that the optic nerve tests were negative, and that while Hannah is able to sleep for a few seconds at a time, it's only stage one sleep that won't do her any good. House takes a bite out of his Vicodin and roast beef, and asks Foreman where Cameron is, as if he didn't know that she would throw a hissyfit and refuse to talk to House as well as Foreman over the article thing. "Oh, this is gonna work out great," House says, because it's not like he couldn't have avoided the situation and made all of our lives easier by just reading Cameron's freaking article when she gave it to him. Foreman just nods, smiles, and probably thinks about how he can steal House's idea and create a new spice that tastes just like cocaine for the junkie foodie crowd.

House, followed by the Cottages, limps down the hall. He lectures Cameron and Foreman to play nice, and before Cameron can get two words out to accuse House of starting this by reading Foreman's article before hers, House reminds her that he doesn't care and doesn't want to hear any more about it. Instead, House wants to focus on the patient, who is still dying. His latest plan of action is to make Hannah even sicker than she is now, hoping that this will make something show up on their tests that didn't before. The downside of this is that making Hannah sicker will also kill her faster. That's never stopped House before, though! House orders the Cottages to take turns monitoring Hannah and making sure she doesn't fall asleep. Cameron and Foreman will be taking the first four hours of watch, because they did such a great job of keeping Hannah awake before. Chase will smile and enjoy his precious few moments of not being House's least favorite.

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