Sleeping Dogs Lie

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The Sandman Cometh

The next day, Hannah is looking rough. Foreman is feeling a little guilty about the article thing, and asks Chase whether he thinks he was "out of line." Chase, eager to side with whoever happens to be in the room, points out that Cameron's article would have sat, unread, on House's desk until the end of time, and that Cameron should have known that. Hannah can't take the endless article talk anymore, and her eyes start moving rapidly back and forth. She's having REM, but she isn't asleep. Foreman yells at her until she snaps out of it. As usual, she doesn't remember anything.

House declares that there is no way Hannah was in REM sleep, since she was sitting up, and during REM sleep, your muscles don't work to prevent you from acting out your dreams. So they're looking at some kind of movement disorder and not Wegener's, after all. Cameron and Chase react in a bunch of recycled over-the-shoulder shots that don't really make any sense. Chase brings up rabies as a possible diagnosis, and Cameron says that she's pretty sure Hannah would remember being bitten by a rabid animal. Unless, of course, Hannah is homeless. Hannah did have a dog a month ago, which Max gave her for her birthday, but she had to get rid of it because she's allergic to dogs. House has a different theory as to why Hannah had to give the dog up: "She's just leaving her girlfriend." His proof is that Hannah would have still been on the steroids for her poison ivy when she had the dog, and, therefore, couldn't have had an allergic reaction to it. Instead, Hannah didn't want the dog because it would have been a commitment to Max that Hannah knew she couldn't keep. Therefore, House says, Hannah's current medical issues are not being caused by any allergies. How about guilt? Guilt could probably keep me up for a night. Not ten nights, but then, I'm not the kind of person who prolongs a breakup for over a month and leads my partner on. Chase and Cameron insist on doing an allergy test to find out for sure, figuring that while House's understanding of lesbian relationships is "admittedly keen" (I guess those Classic Lesbian Prison Stories do have some educational value after all!), they'd rather not base their diagnosis on it. Or they could, you know, ask Hannah when Max isn't in the room.

And that ends up being exactly what Cameron does when Max leaves the room to get some soda during Hannah's allergy scratch test. In between blood-coughing fits, Hannah admits that House was right: while Max is a "good person," Hannah has gotten "tired of her." Ironically, that's about all that Hannah is tired of right now. Cameron doesn't come out and say that she now thinks Hannah is a horrible person who deserves to die for not believing in the power of love, but you can see the disdain on her face. Hannah complains that her back hurts, and Cameron checks it out to reveal what is either an insane allergic reaction or some hardcore internal bleeding.

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