Sleeping Dogs Lie

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The Sandman Cometh

Chase and Foreman try to come up with diagnoses, while Cameron whines about how immoral they are, and they come up with either Wilson's disease or a variety of fun and exciting cancers, which are also, in a way, Wilson's disease. Cameron adds her thoughts about how they can help their patient. Just kidding! She's still upset about the Hannah/Max thing. House has finally reached his limit of Cameron preachiness, and yells at her that he thinks influencing Max's decision by telling her something they have no right to know, and therefore killing Hannah after Max decides not to give her any of her liver after all, is a hell of a lot more immoral than minding their own damn business. Cameron has no response to this because House is right. Foreman suggests poisonous mushrooms as a possible cause, which Chase dismisses, since Hannah is a "sports nut" and therefore wouldn't poison her body with drugs. Lesbians love sports. They hate illegal substances. Cameron tries to protest on Max's behalf AGAIN, and maybe she can just go give Hannah her own liver if she feels so strongly about it, and save us all a lot of grief. House lists off a bunch of tests to do on Hannah before and after the transplant -- since your body is so strong and ready for invasive procedures then -- saying that they'll have to do some of them at the same time to make their thirty-six-hour deadline. And, House says, looking directly at the only person this actually applies to, if anyone tells Max that Hannah is going to dump her, that person is fired. Which means that person won't be able to afford any more silly vests. "We have to," Cameron protests, as if the thought of NOT tattling to Max had never even occurred to her. Doctor-patient confidentiality apparently has never occurred to Cameron, either.

So, House goes to Cuddy. He tells her that the sleepless patient she gave him is now in liver failure, and will be getting a new liver from her girlfriend. Cuddy is appalled to hear that they are doing a transplant as a stopgap measure, but she will still allow House to go on his merry way, as long as she isn't involved. But now she is, because House and his team can't be Max's doctors, since Max and Hannah, House says, have "opposing interests." Cuddy is shocked that House is coming to her with an ethical dilemma. I would be too if I didn't think he was doing this to ensure that Cameron wouldn't get to Cuddy first and foil his plans. House says that the ethical dilemma is relevant to the case, but not medically so. So Max doesn't need to know it, and neither does Cuddy, now that she's Max's doctor. Cuddy goes to look up House's secret on the hospital computer, but he stops her, asking whether satisfying her own curiosity is worth Hannah's death. As long as Cuddy stays in the dark, she isn't doing anything ethically wrong by clearing Max for transplant surgery. Except that Cuddy's not exactly in the dark, is she? I mean, there's at least a small nightlight on there.

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