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Everybody Lies. Except Martha. Also Sam.
nd Ramon's malnutrition must have hid those symptoms because he had no immune system for the disease to attack. Now that he's being fed, the MS is surfacing. As for the barfing blood and everything that originally brought Ramon to PPTH, I guess that's MS too? Or malnutrition? Or he really does have the horse disease?

Ramon grins that he's still feeling terrible. House notes that his friends aren't visiting him. Ramon says he asked them to pray for him. And they can't do that while visiting him? Also, they didn't notice he wasn't eating food anymore and was losing a lot of weight? Ramon's friends suck. House explains that Ramon's brain is being affected by the MS, which could be the reason why he thought it was a good idea to make that deal with God and crucify himself annually in the first place. House is hoping that with treatment, Ramon's faith will subside. Ramon is certain it won't. As it happens, they're not going to find out because Ramon is getting worse despite the medicine. Now he can't move his arm. "Your friends are not praying hard enough," House concludes.

House stands in the meeting room with his arms outstretched in his own impression of Jesus -- though he's only doing it so a tailor (who apparently makes hospital house calls and is not violating any patient confidentiality by being in the room while the doctors and Martha are working) can take his measurements. The Cottages are fighting over whether or not Ramon has MS. House weighs in and says it is MS but it's not responding to the prednisone because it's a special kind of MS that sucks even more than MS usually does -- Marburg MS, which kills in days. House says Ramon might have a chance if someone is willing to nail himself to a cross ASAP for him, or they can just try an experimental stem cell treatment. Chase reminds the group that this uses embryonic stem cells, which their devout patient is not going to be very happy about. House is annoyed with Chase for even bringing that up, as now that Martha knows about it, she'll be sure to tell Ramon and he will decline the treatment.

House, now in a tuxedo, breaks into Wilson's office and is reading over Sam's files and perfecting his Sean Connery impression when Wilson walks in. As he expected, Wilson was just looking over Ramon's daughter's file and he says the diagnosis was correct and apparently the doctors just "got lucky" and the chemo they gave her was effective. House doesn't like this, as it means he still doesn't know why the girl got better and thus has nothing to throw in Ramon's face. Wilson doesn't care, and kicks House out. On his way out, House says there are some inconsistencies in Sam's files. It looks like she lied about how much radiation she was giving to cancer patients. Wilson nods that he noticed this too, but Sam just said that the dosages in the files were accurate. House points out that all of the patients were terminal, so Sam probably just gave them more radiation than she was allowed in the hopes that it would save them. "You'd have done the same. She's a sap and she's perfect for you," House says.

Cuddy gets ready to go to the rehearsal dinner with House, who complains that he hates rehearsal dinners and this marriage is doomed to fail in two years anyway. Cuddy actually gives them less credit than that -- nineteen months, to be exact. She says New Jersey divorce law in a no fault divorce requires that couples live apart for at least eighteen months, so she's actually giving them about three weeks. Wow, I guess now that Cuddy is in a fight with House she just hates love. House, on the other hand, is in good spirits as his phone rings with an update on Ramon's condition that excuses him from having to attend the dinner. Ramon is refusing treatment, so I guess Martha is good for something after all.

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